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Moving office tips

Transporting material, documents, electronic equipment or furniture is one of the many different obstacles that you can find when making your office move. We give you some tips from our blog of decoration you undertake such operations in the most effective and comfortable as possible.

Stress causing the removal is comparable, according to some official studies, the caused by separation or death of a loved one. The pressure to perform this type of transfer material from one office to another city would not exist were devoted to some prior planning and coordination to such movements.

In this sense, it is considered the total cost, time spent and who will be responsible for carrying it out. Leave the transfer in the hands of a company specializing in the field of transport and you can provide service for special removals, will be crucial to bet the maximum for safety and not suffer any unforeseen.

Moving office tipsTips for planning your office move

Obviously they have to know the services, physical characteristics and qualifications of the new location, since in many cases is usually the name of the former owners and it is possible that they have not yet discharged. Only in this way you will be achieved come from a much faster way to transfer the material.

You have to stay away from the large equipment that are dispensable and that over the years have accumulated in a corner of the office without meaning or useful. Materials such as budgets, receipts, customer history or stock stored become a pending to eliminate workplace.

Furthermore, with regard to the preparation of the boxes, they have to place objects systematically, so that the heavier left in the bottom and the most fragile at the top. Do not forget to label each one to facilitate the search and placement of materials during the early days. Do not lose sight of the wiring system of the various electronic devices because usually mixed.

Nor would inconsiderable draw up a list with all the objects you’ve packed, because this way you will take a tally of everything you need and can more easily identify time.

In the case of uniform changes, using cardboard boxes to maximize the available space. For more delicate items or as may be mirrors, lamps and paintings material, you can use blankets packaging. The tethers, meanwhile, they are suitable for furniture or large objects. You have to avoid at all times overload the boxes, since the risk of suffering any damage runs. As for personal items like laptops it is desirable that carry with you.

You can help your logistics managers to help you in the planning process, which will involve determining, for example, the placement of each table, piece of furniture and office equipment.

To be aware of the new office relocation to be performed, it is advisable to contact different customers linked to the company and thus be aware of the new location.

Have you undertaken on rare occasions, an office move? How was your experience? What would you recommend?



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