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Make your home a designers paradise

If you want to bring the way your home is decorated up to date, there are a number of thoroughly contemporary touches you might consider adding. Things like designer radiators or pieces of contemporary art can do wonders to turn a rather old-fashioned home into a cutting edge one.

Designer home fixtures

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Modern Art

One way to make the décor of a home considerably more contemporary is to introduce some interesting pieces of modern art. It’s quite likely you have pictures on your wall, and if you don’t, you could always consider adding some. Whether your pictures are classic art prints or just some nice family photos, consider swapping a few of them for some fetching or even thought-provoking modern art prints.

You probably also have some art in your home in the form of small sculptures or ornaments. The same principle applies; if the things you have are fairly classic or simply quite timeless but you want your home to have a more contemporary look overall, consider swapping some of your ornaments for something more modern and unusual.

Designer Radiators

Radiators are almost never thought of as a piece of décor. They’re just sort of there; necessary, purely functional items that mostly belong to one of two or three fairly nondescript design families. If they come into your decorative plans at all, it is probably just to freshen them up with a lick of paint.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Recently, a number of very contemporary, highly attractive, and wonderfully interesting designer radiator styles have come onto the market with interesting shapes and even bright colours. If you want to turn that big chunk of metal into a contemporary decorative focal point, consider buying at designer radiators through apollo.

Modern Colour Schemes

You can’t truly modernise a home by changing only its contents, unless its overall décor is currently fairly neutral. In most cases, you will have to do something different to the way the actual property is decorated. As with many things in life, a lick of paint can work wonders.

To get an idea of the very latest colour schemes and trends, flip through some recent design magazines. This will give you an idea of what the current trends are and will therefore be most future-proof as fashions continue to change.



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