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Make your bedroom more sleep friendly

Is your bedroom a relaxing haven of rest, or do you struggle to fall asleep each evening? If you have trouble winding down it could be your bedroom is to blame. Loud colours, electric lights and clutter can all play a part in preventing you from achieving a restful night’s sleep.

A good night’s sleep is vital for health and wellbeing. Your bedroom should be a place to forget your worries and unwind after a busy day. Details such as lighting and temperature contribute towards a more peaceful environment as can the right colour scheme.

Your bed is the most important feature in your bedroom. Not just as an eye catching centrepiece, but to help you achieve sweet dreams the whole night through. The mattress is the essential ingredient and sleeping on one that is sagging or lumpy is bad for your back and could leave you tossing and turning throughout the night.

Make your bedroom more sleep friendly

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The good news is there are a huge range of mattresses from which to choose for all shapes and sizes and for all budgets. You can also give your existing mattress a new lease of life with a memory foam topper.

Bedding is also important. Cotton sheets are preferable to synthetic materials and these combined with a goose down duvet and pillows will help to recreate a luxurious boudoir feel. Natural fibres will keep you cool and comfortable and less likely to sweat.


Once your bed has been transformed you can turn you attention to the rest of the room. Firstly, have a good de-clutter. You might love your ornaments and other trinkets, but waking up to cluttered shelves and piles of junk is a bad way to start the day. Televisions and other electrical devices should also be banished. They are stimulating and could leave you wired when it’s time to calm down in preparation for sleep.

You also need to get the lighting right, while natural sunlight can enhance feelings of wellbeing, artificial lighting can have the opposite effect. According to the BBC (too much light while we try to sleep can be dangerous. Consider a low wattage lamp for reading and switch it off once you are ready to sleep.

Calming colours

Vibrant colours might look fantastic in the kitchen, but are too stimulating for a bedroom. Dark colours can be claustrophobic and are best avoided. Select a colour that you associate with relaxation. It might be mint green, serene blue, lavender or pale lemon, the choice will depend upon your personal taste, although, according to the Daily Mail blue will give you the best night’s rest.  You could even paint your radiators to make sure they all share the same coloured tones, and remember to keep them serviced or that relaxing room may become the opposite if your too cold.  Guildford Boiler repair company http://www.rjplumbingandheating.co.uk/ specialise in all things warm but there are hundreds of businesses out there that can help if required.

When it comes to creating your dream bedroom, stay true to what you want it to look like. Interior design magazines might have the latest styles, but these won’t necessarily be the most relaxing. Don’t just focus on how the room looks, think about your other senses too, the smell of lavender is known to be calming, while classical music or other tranquil sounds can help you to relax. A comfortable mattress, together with luxurious bedding can create the ultimate feel-good bed and one that is worth sinking into each night.


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