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Low-Budget Ideas for Winter Warmth at Home

Using less energy is a priority for everyone, whether you’re environmentally minded or financially minded. This winter is set to be another humdinger of a cold one, so now is the time to make sure you’ve done everything you can to keep it warm. With these simple, low-cost suggestions, you can save £100s off your winter fuel bill.

Winter Warmth at Home

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Block Those Draughts

An enormous amount of heat can be lost through draughty doors and windows. For draughty doors, you can make or buy a draught excluder and also purchase a heavy curtain to fit around the door. Thick curtains aren’t just a necessity for draughty front and back doors; when hung on windows, thick curtains will help keep your house snuggly and warm.

The Wonder of Aluminium Foil

For radiators that sit against outside walls, a fair amount of heat can actually be lost through the brick work. Apply a layer of aluminium foil behind the radiators to prevent heat loss.

DIY Double Glazing

One of the best ways to stop heat escaping from your home is by installing double glazing, but kitting out an entire house in double glazing can be incredibly costly. DIY double glazing film can be surprisingly effective, however, and can be purchased from hardware stores for as little as £10 to do an entire small home.

Conservatory Inserts

Inserts such as solar Polycool inserts are actually good for winter and summer. If your conservatory is like a sauna in the summer months and a freezer in winter, this is the product for you. For an average-sized conservatory, these solar inserts cost hundreds to fit rather than the thousands of pounds that blinds might cost. During winter, they insulate the conservatory nicely and require no maintenance.

Expose Your Radiators

Plenty of heat is lost from radiators that have a sofa or book shelf placed directly in front of them. Get those radiators fully exposed to feel the real warmth of them.

Close Off Unused Rooms

Your spare room does not need to be heated unnecessarily. Turn the radiator off in there and keep the door closed until you need it again.

As you can see, before you shell out on full insulation and double glazing, there are a number of measures you can take to get your home feeling warm and toasty ahead of winter.



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