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Indoor hanging plants to know

If you love interior design and wellness, it’s really worthwhile adding plants to your home. Indoor plants help to purify and oxygenate the air and they’ve been shown to have calming effects too, not to mention the fact that they look great! Why not consider hanging plants, which are a fantastic option for adding visual interest to rooms or when decorating a smaller space?

1. Spider Plant

This plant is known for its long green and white leaves and the fact it grows plantlet stems, making it great for hanging holders, such as those you can make with a macrame kit. They are great fun to grow indoors and you can replant the little plantlets which then grow to become new plants, whilst purifying the air.

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  1. String of Pearls

    Looking exactly like a string of jewellery, this quirky plant grows great on windowsills as it needs indirect but bright light. Again, it also looks fantastic in a hanging basket. You can buy a macrame kit from Wool Couture and craft a hanging basket with bright yarn to create a retro feel in your lounge.

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  1. Boston Fern

    These plants are usually grown outside but if you place them next to a humidifier they are great indoors too, and look wonderful with their lush green foliage.

  2. English Ivy

    This ivy looks beautiful as it grows downwards and will grow easily too if you just water and feed it periodically. It creates a beautiful effect in a hanging basket and is easy to care for as well.

    5. String of Hearts

    This plant is very unusual to look at but also particularly easy to care for and low-maintenance, making it a great choice if you aren’t particularly green-fingered!

    These five indoor plants are ideal for making your interior look fresh, for tackling indoor air pollution and for improving the quality of the air overall. Why not create hanging macrame holders in a variety of bright shades to make a 70s vibe in your home and have fun in the process, making a beautiful and low-cost accessory?


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