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Ideas to start the course: How to create a DIY organizer with recycled cans

With the arrival of autumn, the full day begins in cabbages. The complete return to the routine, to the duties, to the study … and for that reason, it is important to have ordered the table of work of the children.

And what better way than to prepare a DIY to create an organizer with recycled cans to spend an entertaining Saturday evening, and incidentally, teach them the importance of recycling and reuse of things that in theory are no longer useful.

Ideas to start the course How to create a DIY organizer with recycled cansIn order to make this DIY, you need to have six recycled metal cans, cardboard, rope, body tape, silicoone, paper, acrylic glaze and acrylic glaze spray. Metallic Do you have it all? Then, let’s start! And the first thing, it will be to protect the table to avoid that it stains during the development of the works.

Once you have protected the table, we begin with the workshop, painting the six canswith Bruguer Acrylic Marfil enamel until you see that they are completely coated.

When you see that the paint that we have applied to the cans is dry, you must place three of the cans on the carton, take the measurement with a pen and cut with a cuter on the line that you just dial.

In the cardboard, you must mark the corners of what will be the future organizer to 5 cm. In vertical and 7 cm. horizontally. And how to prepare the handle that you saw in the images? Very simply, you will have to make parallel lines, helping you with the width of the ruler. Then you must cut all the lines with the cutter! And be careful not to cut the table with the cuter!

Now, it is to give a second color to the cans. To do this, you will have to use paper and body tape to cover the top of the same before starting to paint the part that has been exposed with Acrylic Metallic Enamel. Once you have checked that the paint is dry, remove the paper with care not to lift the paint.

How do you wear it? We are getting closer to the end. The next step will be to decorate the handle with a rope, putting a pinch of silicone and winding the rope to the end. When finished, put another silicon point to make sure it is securely fastened and not loosened. Here, watch out for children, because they can be burned with the silicone gun.

Now, it‘s the turn to stick the cans to the carton, three on each side. To do this, use the silicone gun on the back of the cans, gluing them one by one on the carton.

To end this DIY, you will have to attach the base and the top of the cans with a rope to reinforce the whole and not leave everything from the hand of the silicone And you already have a practical organizer of the school material made with cans of recycling!


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