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How to look after your wood burning stove

An annual maintenance check is essential for your wood burning stove, so here is a guide to looking after it and keeping it in good condition.

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According to the Telegraph, wood burning stoves are installed in more than one million homes in the UK.

Check the chimney breast

Plaster on the chimney breast can sometimes be stained by soot and tar. Ensuring the stove is cold, brush any dirt away and paint the area with stain block. When this is dry, a fresh layer of paint can be applied.

Remove rust

Rust on your wood burner can be gently removed with medium grade wire wool. Brush any loose debris away and clean the surface before painting.

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Mask the handles and glass doors, protect the hearth and surrounding walls, and make sure the room is well ventilated. Holding the can around 30cm from the surface, respray any damaged parts.

When your wood burner looks like new, you will want to add stylish accessories such as a new companion set, candleholders or a metal log holder. You can visit https://www.themetaltree.co.uk/ for metal log holders or another specialist supplier.

Clean the windows

If your wood burning stove has sooty windows, it may be burning inefficiently. The windows can be cleaned by applying stove glass cleaner, leaving it for five minutes and wiping it off with a damp cloth. Wood ash on a damp rag can also be used to clean the stove’s windows.

Check the seal

Wood burning stoves have a rope seal around the door that becomes flattened over time. You can check the seal by lighting a small fire, closing the door and moving a lit candle around in front of the door. If there is a poor seal, the flame will be drawn towards it.

Check inside the stove

When the stove has been cleaned out and the ash box is empty, check the condition of the firebricks with a torch. Ensure that the air inlets are left open to keep the chimney dry. Don’t forget to have the chimney swept regularly and to empty your metal log holder.

Clean and seal the hearth

A slate hearth can be cleaned with floor cleaner and hot water. Leave to dry for a minimum of four days before you apply slate oil.


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