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How automatic gates can add value to your home

Automatic gates used to be seen as the preserve of the rich and famous who needed extra security and privacy, but they have become increasingly popular among homeowners in recent years. Not only do electric gates increase the security of your premises, they can also add value to your property. Just how much value they will add depends on the area in which you live, but in some neighbourhoods, not having electric gates is so unusual that it’s likely to act as a deterrent to potential buyers. Sales of automatic gates have increased by a staggering volume over the past decade, and they are very much an expected feature in many areas. It’s not unusual these days to see entire streets of homes with automatic gates in Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties.

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How to add value

To maximise the value added by your electric gates, choose a system that fits in with the style of your home and gardens. If you go for gates that complement your property, you might find that your home will sell sooner and for more money than if you simply choose the first gates you come across, regardless of style.

Gates must also be properly maintained for security reasons and for appearance. Whether they are open or closed when prospective buyers arrive, your gates will be the first thing they see. Poorly maintained, slow-operating or clunky gates will not give a good first impression.

Reputable suppliers such as protonaccesscontrol.com offer a wide range of security gate solutions, allowing you to choose something reliable that coordinates with your property’s style. A professional firm will also be able to talk you through maintaining your gates and what to do if you have any issues after installation.

Before you arrange installation

If you are thinking about installing automatic gates, bear in mind that your driveaway might need to be dug up in order to lay cables. For this reason, it is best to arrange the installation of your gates before or at the same time as you plan for new driveway paving to be laid or embark on any major landscaping work.

You’ll also need to think about the exact system you would like to have installed. If possible, ask friends or neighbours who already have automated gates in place if they are happy with their systems.


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