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Homemade and natural fresheners for your house

In home decor influenced by many factors such as also smell, as if one sees when entering pleasant and fresh scent perceive that home as a comfortable and welcoming place. Therefore, how to acclimate your home is also a way to decorate, to be brought into use other senses and, together, convey the feeling as good as possible. Today I teach you how to make your own natural air fresheners with hands that help to perfume your stay an economical, simple and captivating way.

Making scented candles

On the market, but we are in a crafts section, right? Because it touches them fully customized. This is great for you to get produce candles with your favorite fragrance. You need natural wax, some essential oils (that said, choose the flavor you like), a wick and a mold. Melt the wax in a double boiler and when added liquid drops of essential oils. Put the wick into the pan and add the wax, let dry and eight hours have a candle with your favorite aroma.

The coffee

Coffee beans are great ambiance, are particularly effective in removing the smell of snuff that can be in a house of smokers. You can place a glass jar with water in a vase … The same on the inside of the refrigerator or cabinets to neutralize any odors.

natural fresheners for your house


The spray air freshener is very convenient to quickly acclimate any room. Moreover, you can create fully customized yours! It is very simple. Become a dispenser Spray spirit 96th and again, your favorite essential oils. The mixture would be 100 ml of alcohol per 100 oil droplets.


I love the smell that gives spices like basil, cloves, rosemary and lavender. To make a homemade air freshener with water placed them in a bowl with two tablespoons of baking soda and a few drops of your favorite scent. You can pour this mixture in a jar or dispenser and you will see what a good smell spread through the room, in the bathroom or in your driveway. Another way to use them is leaving some herbs and flowers in a sealed bottle for a week, adding a few drops of essential oils. Concentrate well; you have managed to create a wonderful fragrance to your home.

Scented sachets

Another way to make your own air freshener is putting in a cloth bag spice or herb you like, or even coffee beans. In addition to the scent that will bring you can make them very decorative by type of fabric you choose.


The smell of cinnamon is not exactly my favorite, but many people like it, so I exploit how to use it at home. Just grab a branch and tie with string around a candle unscented so that when you turn on the smell from spreading into the room.

Fruit fresheners

Grab a shell of lemon or orange, white vinegar, sugar, water and cinnamon. Cinnamon boiled in a pint of water, incorporating the rind of the fruit and sugar (a few tablespoons). Then add vinegar and keep mixing in a jar.

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is very good for the home, as each fragrance has properties that make it suitable places and times. For example, the smell of rosemary, pine or lemon is very exciting, but if you are looking for relaxation should opt for lavender or lemon balm, perfect for placing in the bathroom or bedroom.



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