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Heat, heat … 7 decorative ideas to cool the house

It’s hot, hot and as temperatures rise, we were increasingly plantations. A good idea is to cool the house in a simple and decorative way.

Let’s see seven inspiring environments that get heat stays away from home.

Clean crystals

Cleaning is essential always, but in summer and with heat you have to maximize. Not a speck of dust or a fogged crystal. Keep pristine crystals with traditional methods or verifies the wonderful simplicity and effectiveness of new technology, we tried and pleasantly surprised.

Heat, heat ... 7 decorative ideas to cool the houseMinimalism to power

And to maintain freshness and cleanliness avoids cluttering the house objects that with the windows open all day are filled with dust. Fewer things to get dirty, more clean and fresh.

Get rid of carpets!

Keep some rugs or carpets made of natural fibers at the entrance and on the sides of the beds, but allow your soil to “breathe” during the summer. That detail will allow the house to feel fresher.

Put awnings, it’s worth it

It is just at this time of year, when we like to have everything in common, when we are most grateful for an awning on windows and balconies. Looking for a nice model that integrates well in your decor. You do not have to limit yourself to a smooth green awning, you can let your imagination fly.

Light textiles on your balconies and windows

They filter the light and let in the breeze. They are light and decorative and at night they prevent the passage to unwanted visitors.

Linen and cotton covers in your tapestries

The cozy tapestry of velvet or corduroy, which we like so much in the cooler months, are deadly traps when the “caloret” arrives. If you can not unsheathe your furniture, you Throw on some cases natural textiles in neutral tones. Cotton or linen are perfect to cool the house in summer

Green in every corner

Fill the house with exotic plants, it is the time that best give themselves and the land well nourished and wet and their bright colors will make you feel in a tropical garden. Visit your nearest nursery and find out.


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