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Getting the right kind of kitchen

If you are looking at your kitchen and want to make some changes now might be the time. After and extended period of being in our homes many of us are debating how we use it and whether it’s still fit for purpose. Interest in cookery shows no signs of abating and the Bake Off continues toi inspire and delight in equal measure. It’s considered the reason there has been a rise in the interest in baking in general.

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If you’re thinking of becoming the new baking Mary Berry, producing outstanding quality on a par with Gordon Ramsey or going all experimental like Heston Blumenthal then you need a get a  kitchen to do it. As with everything, planning is the key.

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This planning includes everything from the oven, the cooker hood and even the lighting. Pot lights are very popular and you’ll even need to consider the Downlight Covers to reduce drafts and heat loss from the building. The first things you’ll want to concentrate on, naturally, is the work surfaces and the cupboard space. If you’re going to start “chefing” you’ll see a be increase in the ingredients you’ll need to store. A comprehensive spice rack is also going to be required.

It might be an idea to focus on moving any unnecessary items out of the kitchen to make space. Cups plates and cutlery can be stored in a nice welsh kitchen dresser. It aids to the rustic look you may, may not want to get in your kitchen.


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