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Garnish with prints

Pictures or tartan, stripes, flowers, polka dots … What would we do without them? The prints are great allies of the decor in any room of the home and any trend or style.

There are many different patterns that help us put the finishing touch to the decor. Now, are you clear what patterns to choose? And you know how to combine them? In this article, you will find some good ideas for decorating with prints. Take note!

Garnish with prints

Types of paintings in decoration

In discrete environments, prints help us put an irresistible touch of style that breaks the harmony of the environment. In other words, it’s the little details that help complete the decor.

There are many different patterns that are perfectly suited to countless trends and environments. If we talk about trends, geometric prints are the latest in interior design. Diamonds, squares, rectangles and all kinds of geometric figures succeed in decor and are perfectly suited to all kinds of environments.

Although there are also prints and timeless classics that do not go out of styles, such as plaid and gingham print. Also without forgetting the eternal stripes or flowers, they are incredibly versatile and timeless.

For more sophisticated, the print houndstooth is another classic in both fashion and decoration. A pattern that contrasts completely with animal print as leopards, snakes, zebras and other similar designs help us make the wild touch to the decor. Although being a pretty bold print, it is used with some discretion.

For the more exotic, the paisley is another classic fashion and interior design. Speaking of exotic, we can also add color and bold brushstrokes using tropical prints.

The same print and various colors

Already you have clear what kind of pattern you want? Then it is time to combine. A good trick to integrate stamped decoration is to combine a predominant color of the print with the colors of the room. In this way, we get a nice color balance.

Another interesting option may be to choose patterns with the same color that predominates in the room but in a different key. That is, if the room is decorated in soft earth tones version, you can add color prints darker land to gain depth in the environment. However, if stronger browns predominate, we can choose a lighter shade to avoid the stay look too dark.

Mix different prints

By combining patterns, we can opt for the same designs or mix different prints. In this sense, a good idea may be to combine 3 different patterns in the same room. However, if the room is small and mix up to 5 prints different, we can create an uncomfortable feeling cramped.
To succeed in combining prints, we recommend you consider some basic rules. Choose a print basis which will star and largely determine the room decor. This print must be linked to the rest.

In other words, we can mix up to three prints but making sure they all have a relationship with each other or follow some aesthetic pattern. In this way, we ensure that the contracts have points in common.

In unexpected places

Usually, incorporate traditional patterns using textiles such as carpets, cushions, towels, bedding … But do not forget that you can also surprise and incorporate prints in such unexpected places as the wallpaper on the walls, the lampshades or even in upholstered furniture.


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