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Don’t Be a Victim of a Burglar This Winter

As the clocks have now gone back, we have the darker evenings ahead of us, and they are only going to get darker. Although these darker nights mean that we can feel cosy indoors, when we are not at home it makes our property more vulnerable to burglars who take advantage of the extra darkness to break in.

Add to that the fact that Christmas is a popular time of the year for people to go away on holiday or go and stay with family and you can see why burglary rates rise in the winter. This is the time to start thinking about home security, even if you are not going away, you could still be at risk of being burgled whilst you are out at work.

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Here are some of the things that you can do to help prevent a burglary at your home…

Make sure windows and doors are secure – It sounds obvious but make sure that your doors and windows are locked and safe. If you have older doors and windows, now might be a good time to get them replaced and upgraded to make them more secure – contact a company like this front doors Worcester based supplier who will be able to help you with this.

Don’t advertise the fact you are out – Burglars tend to look for signs that nobody is at home, so don’t make it obvious. If you are going to be going away, don’t share this information on social media, and use lights that are on timers to make sure that the house isn’t all in darkness.

Getting someone to pop in regularly and make it look as though someone is there is also a good idea.

Get Alarms and CCTV systems installed – Having cameras and alarm systems can be a good deterrent to burglars. In addition to this, it gives you peace of mind and with many modern camera systems you can look at them live wherever you are!

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Make sure your back garden is secure – The back garden is often used by burglars who want to get into your home unseen, so make sure that your back garden is not easily accessible to them. Make sure you have secure fencing that they cannot climb easily and also keep back gates and other ways to access the garden locked at all times.


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