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Do I have to replace or repair my gas meter?

Do you know who is responsible for replacing or repairing your damaged electricity or gas meter boxes? The responsibility to repair or replace meter boxes used to be with the gas and electricity boards. But deregulation changed that. The energy providers were then no longer responsible and it became the responsibility of the property owner.

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Plastic is a common material for meter boxes, so they are susceptible to damage. In shared housing and social housing the responsibility of maintaining the boxes is unclear.

In Rule 416.2.3, the IEE Wiring regulations, you will find the rules governing the meter box. It states, in short, that the cover should be placed securely to separate and protect each active part. This box must be opened with a tool or key. It is illegal to leave it open without enclosures.

There is therefore a need to repair or replace the equipment in order not to break any regulations. So, who is responsible for the damage?

Gas meter boxes are governed by a separate set of rules called the Gas Safety Regulations of 1998. The regulations provide guidance on how to protect a meter from damage, and what designs are suitable for housing a meter. To find out more about the benefits of a Metal Meter Box, visit a site like DKM, suppliers of Metal Meter Box products.

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According to the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers (IGEM), consumers are responsible for meter maintenance. This includes ensuring the meter is properly stored. Gas meter boxes can be installed either by the homeowner prior to installing the inventory or by the supplier according to an agreement made with the consumer. After the box has been installed, it is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain and repair the box.

This is also the case with electric meter boxes. If you find that your housing has been damaged or missing, it’s important to get them sorted out as quickly as possible.

Common damage for meter boxes include damage by vandalism, weather events like high winds or heavy rains, as well as damage from accidents. The unit may also move away from the wall if the door becomes loose. The owner of the property is responsible for any repairs or replacements. A certified gas engineer can help with installation for those who don’t wish to replace the box themselves.


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