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Current Kitchen Trends

You may be curious about the latest trends in kitchen design for 2024. What’s new in kitchen design? There are many new designers and brands on the market, which has led to a variety of innovative design ideas.

If your kitchen needs a renovation, or if you want to update a tired design, then take inspiration from the latest kitchen designs.

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  1. Anti-Kitchen

When is a kitchen not a “kitchen”? It is when it has been cleverly concealed by chameleon skills in order to blur the functionality and focus on the form. The trend of un-kitchen aesthetics is becoming more popular. It features materials and finishes that are usually used in living room furniture. Stone and wood are highly rated. Fully integrated appliances are also a high priority. For Kitchen Refurb, go to www.thekitchenrefurbishmentcompany.co.uk

  1. Little timber

We welcome the trend of warm wood accents in decor. While a full-on timber treatment can be tricky to achieve without crossing a dangerous line into traditional or old-fashioned, it is a great way to add warmth to your home. Natural wood will create a cosy, calming atmosphere in a room. Real wood is the best option for a kitchen. It has the personality and richness that makes it stand out. 

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  1. Floors with patterns

Current trends are influenced by traditional tile patterns. They include a geometric pattern that is repeated and bold colours.

  1. Industrial styling

Rusty copper shades are still in style, with their inspirations from the metal industry and polished cement.

  1. Stone sinks

Marble sinks will bring a little bit of Italy into your kitchen in a sophisticated, cool English style. Think of a rustic Tuscan or Milan penthouse look with a sink made from a single polished stone block that will age beautifully.


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