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Can I hang heavy things in a plasterboard wall?

Can you imagine that you are the new TV hanging on the wall of your living room and suddenly all fall to the ground inch by starting with them a huge chunk of plasterboard?

For it is not science fiction: we have seen with our own eyes. Many times.

And there are many types of wall, whose resistance is marked by the material that composes. You cannot forget this fact when you sleep Plantées if a new shelf in the bedroom to accommodate your favorite encyclopedic collection.

plasterboard wall

So, if you want to install the most useful support with head TV to watch football from all angles, a wall of concrete or brick will result from full guarantees, with the right plugs. But if you’re looking at the wall is made of plasterboard, the story changes a lot.

Note that you can strengthen the resistance equation as follows:

Hanging weight Vs + No contact surface attachment points.

You have to consider, first, the thickness of your plasterboard. There formats 10, 13 and 15 mm wide. The thicker yours and incorporate reinforcing elements will be much stronger.

Another decisive factor is the contact surface and therefore, the weight distribution. A more point’s grip and subject area, more security.

Thus, in the example of the TV stand, it is best that you do with a base with the large area and many slots to accommodate as many blocks as possible, and so distribute the weight over a larger area and in plenty of kinks.

If the hung object will experience frequent handling (e.g., in the case of a TV or extensible support with rails or a shelf with removal and placement of heavy objects usual), precautions need to strengthen further.

Regarding the tacos, you must know that there is a specific and very appropriate hardware to hang on plasterboard. The most resistant are metal studs umbrella. Consult your usual DIY store can advise you more accurately what is the optimal solution for your case, but this will make you become more familiar.

Another interesting option is to screw on galvanized profile steel structure comprises holding the plasterboard. As if it were a metal skeleton, the grid supporting the various boards that make up your wall. Being junction points, its resistance is greater than that of any other point of plasterboard (and the gypsum board is weaker the farther thereof).

To locate these profiles easily, employs a magnet. Usually every 40 0 60 centimeters vertically, and even can also find where horizontal members also support you.

And remember, when in doubt, it is better to take precautions and to have professional help before it’s too late.



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