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Beds with canapés for the bedroom

Have one bedroom perfect, his bed, his bedside, her closet for clothes. .. However, you feel you are missing something.

Space, you need space to store all the clothes you’ve been buying throughout the year and, without realizing it, no longer go into your closet nice season. Where do you plan to keep it? We give you an idea: beds with canapés.

Beds with canapés for the bedroomYou can already thank interior designers who, years ago, decided to ‘fetch’ a hole more in your bedroom so you do not accumulate clothes in drawers and closet shelves.

At first, the first models of beds with storage drawers were composed under the mattress. With pulling them out, you could use them. Disadvantages? This type of beds can only be placed in rooms that have space, since you’ll need to open the drawers in comfort.

Hence, a little later, the folding beds with canapés appeared on the market. With them, it is not necessary that you have a spacious bedroom, because to save the textiles, you will only have to lift the bed base.

Do not worry, because even if you lift the mattress with the included mattress, you do not have to exert too much force, since they have a mechanism with which you only have to touch up and will open the bed alone.

Also, if you do not want to store clothes in the hollow of the bed, you can store whatever you want, since it is usually a space without divisions, another advantage against the drawers. If, however, you prefer to divide, you can do with boxes, fabrics or dividers that can be found in any specialized shop decoration . Now you have no excuse for not having ordered the bedroom, start storing from today.


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