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Basic home security tips

Providing a safe home for your family does not necessarily require a lot of money or gadgetry, but the peace of mind will be priceless. Follow these simple tips to protect your home, loved ones and possessions.

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You’ve got mail

Traditional outdoor mailboxes are easy pickings for thieves; therefore, ensure you have a robust mailbox with a security feature, such as a durable lock, to protect your post.

Get a visual on your visitors

A peephole needs to be a decent size and should allow you to clearly see who is outside, so ensure the right one is installed. Motion-activated solar lights, placed out of reach around the perimeter of the property, can also help you to see who is around while being an effective deterrent.

Secure your valuables

Safes come in a range of sizes, with varying features for every budget, and are great for storing valuables from heirlooms and cash to passports and birth certificates. If possible, secure it to the floor or wall to prevent it being taken away in the event of a burglary.

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Think about your technology

Statistics for 2016 from the Crime Survey for England and Wales estimate that there were a staggering 11.5 million reports of crime, including computer misuse and fraud. It is not just the physical, observable surroundings that are vulnerable, so protect your online electrical devices with quality endpoint security management from companies such as https://www.promisec.com/.

Door and window security

In addition to locking windows and doors, small wireless alarms can be a wise investment should they be pried open – the sound alone can often chase away thieves. Doorjambs can be strengthened in the event of someone forcing or kicking external doors, so opt for longer strike plate screws, reinforcement plates, and door edge guards. Wooden garage doors can be reinforced with solid plywood and two by four panels.

Alarm systems

Just the belief that a home is equipped with an alarm system can deter intruders, as it is not worth the risk and hassle. These need not be as expensive or difficult to install as you may imagine. If you opt for a battery-operated system, no wiring is needed. Ensure the system is visible on your property and put up stickers on doors and windows to make it known that there is an active system in place.


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