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Automated Home – Ways to Make your Home Work for You

You’ll want to know how you can automate your house if you are eager to embrace the future. Making your home more comfortable and convenient is all about comfort and convenience. Why wouldn’t you want a smart house? We want smarter things, so why not a smart home as well? Here are ways to automate your home to make it safer, easier and more enjoyable.

Appliance control

You can connect your internet-capable devices to one hub or controller. This allows you to control them whenever you want. You can set your coffee maker to automatically start brewing coffee at a specific time in the morning. You can turn on your oven from work and start cooking your casserole before you arrive home. For advice from an Electric Gate Company Cirencester, visit Complete Gate, a leading Electric Gate Company Cirencester.

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Air Con & Heating Controller

You can connect your thermostat to the internet and remotely control the temperature in your home. This will increase your comfort, as well as the efficiency and operating costs of your house. You can save money by setting your thermostat based on the time of day or when someone will be home. Multi-zone climate control allows you to set different temperatures for each room.

Let there be light!

You don’t need to be home to switch on or off the lights. If you are not home, you can set your lights to turn on at a specific time so that the room is well lit when you get back at night. You can even dim the lights, close the drapes and turn on the home theatre as soon as your coat is off!

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Windows and Doors

Sensors for windows and doors can be programmed so that they alert you if they are opened. This will not only let you know that someone is in your house when you aren’t there, but it also gives you peace of mind for those with young children. Other security measures are glass break sensors that detect if someone breaks a window. Perimeter sensors can be used to monitor if someone crosses the boundary of your property. And driveway sensors let you know when someone approaches.

Surveillance & Security

You can also access security cameras through home automation. You can select from a wide range of cameras including infrared, infrared, wireless, and hidden cameras. The footage from the cameras is available on any PC, tablet, or mobile phone with an internet connection. If you use multiple monitors, you can view the live feed from your cameras in every room of your house.


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