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Are you considering concrete flooring?

If you’ve never heard of polished concrete floors, pay attention because they are becoming a trendy flooring choice in many homes. You’ve probably already thought of lots of questions about concrete in the house, so hopefully here are some answers:

The floors are diamond ground before being treated with a particular chemical to densify them—diamond polishing equipment designed with polishing pads for concrete use. They are usually 100mm thick and ideally installed at the beginning of a project, although retrofitting is possible.

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The benefits of this type of flooring in the home include the fact that it is highly durable and hardwearing, super easy to keep clean, offers the ideal natural backing for décor, and will not suffer from dust mites. It’s perfect for supplying a seamless transition between the exterior and interior, although it will suffer from weathering outside. Any damage can be treated with re-polishing. When you require Concrete Stroud, visit a site like https://www.monstermixconcrete.co.uk/concrete-stroud

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One negative point is its hardness. If you drop something or trip, it won’t be very forgiving. You might also find it cold underfoot, but that’s why it tends to be installed with underfloor heating.

During its lifespan, you can sometimes find tiny hairline cracks beginning to form. It could also appear lighter around the edges than in the middle. Maintenance is required, and the floor must be resealed as time passes. There are stain removal products and aftercare treatments available.

This is not a DIY project; you’ll need a specialist with the right skills, tools, and experience to complete the job.


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