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Are conveyancing fees negotiable?

Everyone is feeling the effects of the economic crisis at the moment, with soaring inflation rates, escalating energy prices and now Christmas is looming too! It’s no wonder, therefore, that people are more inclined to haggle and shop around for the best deal.

One place that people shouldn’t look to haggle too hard, however, is on conveyancing. Buying a property is one of the biggest outlays you will ever make. As such, getting it right is vital to ensuring that the property you buy will stand you in good stead for as long as you plan to stay there, remaining mortgageable, insurable and sellable when the time comes.

Choosing the cheapest quote that you can find, or trying to negotiate a discounted service may result in you inadvertently selecting a company that cannot offer a thorough service. They may allow seemingly small matters to slip through the net, only to bite you later on. The wrong choice of firm could even result in the collapse of your chain if time-consuming delays are introduced due to an unmanageable workload or failure to prioritise your case.

Getting The Best Deal On Conveyancing

In order to choose the best conveyancing deal, you need to select a blend of cost and efficiency. A cheap price that will take long enough to cause the collapse of a chain isn’t good value for money. However, paying over the odds for a 12 week standard turnaround isn’t palatable either.

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There are some fantastic conveyancing deals available, without the need to negotiate. Many licenced conveyancers such as Sam Conveyancing offer a fixed fee conveyancing service. Such firms will allocate your sale or purchase to a hand-picked conveyancing solicitor who will be able to progress your case efficiently and quickly, providing real time updates and excellent levels of communication and support throughout the process. This is a great way of budgeting for these costs as the clear and transparent pricing will not change unless a significant issue is identified, at which point you will be updated and given the decision as to whether or not to proceed.

Many high street solicitors that offer conveyancing will cost more than a licenced conveyancer and this is because their knowledge of the law encompasses a greater range of legal disciplines beyond those of a licenced conveyancer who is a property law specialist. If you are looking to buy a property and are aware of potentially complicated issues surrounding the sale for which you may require in-depth legal advice, it could be worth paying the extra to have a local solicitor to advise you, however for a mainstream property transaction, choosing a licenced conveyancer instead of a solicitor will save you money without impacting on the quality of service that you receive.

Choosing Speed

The average house sale will take 12-16 weeks  and could even be longer if there are complex legal issues surrounding the sale, the survey uncovers a problem requiring in depth investigations, or there is a hold up with the mortgage.

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If you require a quick turnaround, there are things that you can do to help your conveyancing solicitor to be as efficient as possible. This includes providing your paperwork quickly, using electronic signatures, organising a mortgage in principle early and responding quickly and clearly to your conveyancer’s queries.


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