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Architects giving Britons a home

Architecture can occasionally be perceived as the less glamorous relation of the fine, dramatic and culinary arts. It is therefore refreshing when it receives media attention, reminding us of its capacity to change lives and landscapes. In recent days a number of stories have appeared that highlight the role of architecture in modern Britain; for example, it is reported that the UK’s housing shortage and the resulting hike in house prices is continuing to prompt many families, principally in Buckingham and the south east, to remodel or extend their current accommodation rather than attempting to buy a new property. Given the unique capability of architects to plan redevelopments, this has led to a dramatic increase in the number of people seeking a chartered architect in Buckingham. Other examples include:

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Croydon Council sets up in-house architectural practice

In a story that affirms the importance of architecture in meeting the challenges of developing properties in an increasingly squeezed budgetary environment, Croydon Council has announced that it is creating its own architectural department. Colm Lacey, the council’s director of development, said: “While in essence this initiative is driven by a combination of opportunity and budgetary necessity, it has a lot more riding on it in the long term. Council funding gaps may demand that the company is a commercial success, but our placemaking ambitions insist that it leads by example and creates beautiful, sustainable and socially conscious developments.”

Redevelopment of brownfield sites

Another area where architects will take the lead in the development of new homes is in repurposing brownfield sites as housing areas. The government has recently stated that it plans to make available a fund for the acquisition of ex-industrial land to be used for building starter homes. While the reaction to this news has been mixed, Greg Clark, the communities secretary, said: “The fund will support architects, developers, councils, housing associations and small builders to build properties that will increase the quality of design as the government delivers on its pledge to build 200,000 starter homes by 2020.” More detail on this proposal can be found on the New-Homes website.

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This small selection of stories clearly illustrates the role architects are taking in building homes for Britain.



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