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Advantages of bottles in decoration

Today I present a piece of decoration that was not previously very common, but it is now becoming popular and is more likely to be found in many homes: one bottle. This is an article highlighting because their possible uses are reduced conserve neatly our bottles, especially wine but nevertheless it is a very variable element in shape and gives some interesting alternative location and combination within our home.

Advantages of bottles in decorationLocate tannins

A wine rack cabinet usually located in the kitchen, to fulfill their function pantry drinks. You have to think that certain wines and spirits can even be used to flavor a dish, so become not only drink but also in seasoning, and cooking is your ideal place. Moreover, on locations there is nothing written in the same way that not everyone has the fridge in the kitchen, this unit can be adapted to stay where we choose to combine with the decor, where we will be more practical or simply where we have more space for him. Place in the dining room or in a living room will be equally functional.

So much to choose

Given our budget and meters available to us, or those who want to dedicate this last, we can choose between large catalogs of wine racks. In my case, I never forget that it is a piece that has to be combined with the style of the whole, and cannot squeak in decor, but rather, add a special touch. In addition, in the case of those who leave the bottles in the air, it is a great complement not only to collect our favorite wines, but to show them who visit us. Brings elegance.

A cabinet with a lot of function

In case you have no limit on the price and space, I definitely recommend purchasing the racks more complete. These are usually beautiful large rustic furniture that offers a unique personality. They are sober and classic pieces, and the greatest advantage has its great roominess is the variety of functions, since they often include drawers, shelves, swinging doors, cup holders, etc. in addition to basic shelves for bottles.

Seizing useless spaces

If your problem is the lack of accessible space, it is always a good idea to take advantage of corners we have in disuse for its inaccessibility. If there is a mezzanine, whether in the kitchen, hallway or dining room, virtually empty can give a twist to transform our personal cellar. There are some modules for sale to accommodate almost any space to storage bottles and, if you dare, there are plenty of tricks to build DIY organizers of this type. Typical empty spaces can also be found at the bottom of the kitchen benches, but they do not give to installing appliances or save anything very large, they are perfect for aligning bottles in single file.

There are also racks simpler, which do not become a cabinet-bar, but remain as an auxiliary article and create an effect equally useful and decorative order. In that case, the most original models and creative can create a contrast between the “seriousness” surrounding the wine world and a style relaxed and genuine.

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