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A Guide to Different Kinds of Metal Bonding Adhesives

There are various kinds of adhesives, metals and non metals depending upon the kind of joint being joined and the specific purpose of that joint being joined. It is important to know which kind of adhesive to use when joining two pieces of wood or plastic, or any other two-part construct. When doing any kind of crafting task, make sure you choose the right type of adhesive based upon the nature of the job. Metal bonding is the art of joining two different metallic objects together by joining them at the right pressure and temperature. Metal bonding adhesives such as the ones from CT1 are perfect for this kind of work.

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Two-component epoxies are also widely used for bonding two different metals by creating a strong bond between these two parts. Two part epoxy finishes come in various grades and qualities. These two component epoxies are known as clear anodized and low-density polyurethane. Clear anodized epoxy is suitable for use in applications requiring only a very light amount of bonding agent, while low-density polyurethane is suitable for use in more demanding applications requiring moderate amounts of bonding agent.

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Bonding anodized and low-density epoxy are generally available in kits, consisting of premixed solutions and tools. Bonding anodized epoxy generally requires thicker sheets of metal bonding adhesive. Bonding agents used for surface preparation must also be chosen carefully. Bonded adhesives come in various forms, such as sheets, rolls, tapes, flanges and powders.


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