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6 Benefits of a shoemaker

Has always seemed curious how cultural differences can determine the decoration of a house and just as surprising to go to other European countries and discover the lack of blinds on the windows, the use of furniture shoemakers is still a pending issue in most of our homes. So today I will propose in June advantages that this element can to bring you from the most practical to some verging on Feng Shui…

6 Benefits of a shoemaker1) Adaptable space

The variety of sizes and designs makes this enjoyment of freedom to settle in the room that suits us, does not limit the choice of furniture bedroom or dressing room . You can even form part of the decor in a crossing as the hall, or take advantage of some corner wasted as a loft or the bottom of a staircase. This is great for small houses.

2) Protective footwear

A shoemaker prolongs the life of our shoes as it keeps them clean and in a place protected from dirt, dust, moisture and scratches while not are using. In the opposite direction, also it prevents the rooms are filled with possible odors from the residual sweat; it is important therefore placed inside the cabinet some air freshener or Odor Absorber, whether synthetic or natural.

3) Easy cleaning

It’s over scattered obstacles that hinder find you chores such as sweeping or mopping the floor. Also, if the furniture in the house entrance put on and remove their shoes will become exclusive actions in this area, so you escape drag through the rooms the entire dirt street that you bring in the soles.

4) Recycling of materials

Are not you tired of having thousands of bags and shoeboxes empty for closets or corners? Now you can Get rid of them or reuse them for another purpose, since your shoes have a new space tailored to your needs.

5) Versatility

Apart from offering various options for its location within the house, many shoemakers have dual functions, and also to keep shoes organized can serve as a stool, shelf or standing mirror, among others. Some also include drawers for socks and stockings, or hangers for other accessories. It is very furniture functional.

6) Everything in order

Improves the harmonic effect of the whole house, the lack of organization, the accumulation of junk or simply do not have a specific place dedicated to storage of certain supplements, they can completely disrupt the sense of a neat house and end up hurting the tranquility and even the feeling of cleanliness. Both for our own calm to the good impression towards our guests have everything in place are vital for a cozy home.



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