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4 tricks to give breadth to small spaces

Again, I offer some decorating tips to play with perception and adapt the space to our needs and preferences. Having little space in some rooms or, in general, have a small size house you can get to be a nuisance if we do not take advantage that they have (because they have them !). We tend to want the “more is better” but small spaces also have their charm; even so, following these four simple recommendations, any environment can gain range and practicality.

4 tricks to give breadth to small spacesThe functional and unnecessary

Many times we tend to overload the space with too much decoration or even placing furniture that do not have a specific use, just because they are part of the same collection as a whole or because it has come to us through the eyes and we have become infatuated with the part. You must learn to buy with a cool head and thinking really what is needed in our home and what, besides of course take into account left over at all times measures at our disposal. It is best to opt for practical furniture, minimalist style, but equally beautiful. Choose versatile items such as benches that double as trunk or lots of chairs stackable, it helps make the most of the few meters and also bring a very modern and functional style to the environment.

All in order

Posts to optimize spaces, important is what is placed in the long term as to be placing on a daily basis. Or what it is the same: we must organize the distribution of a stay in a useful way, especially avoiding impeding traffic areas and removing the largest furniture to the most remote walls of the entrance to enhance the feeling of spaciousness; but is no less important to keep the house collecting junk, further cluttering the already minimal space quickly become hotbeds of dirt and give a terrible unkempt appearance.

The key to homogenize

The use of contrasting tones and textures is a great resource in decoration, and always recommendation floor. Not this time. If you do not want to eat you hole to our tiny room, you have to learn to merge forms. Avoid strong contrasts is important both between the different elements of decoration and furniture themselves to the surfaces they cover. Paint shelves the same color as the wall on which hang cause a very elegant effect and are infinitely practical. See that besides these tones are especially clear, to reflect the light, and if you choose a shade of color, which is not far away from the main palette. If you can not live without textures, choose in this case large employers before prints of small details.

Eternal ally

If it is normally important to have controlled the lighting of the house, in the case of small spaces it is vital. You must play with natural light and learn to control how it circulates. Elegiac open furniture or cabinets with transparent doors, regulate the entrance of the sun shades and light colored fine material, keep the windows clear … but also know how to reserve areas off using screens or modules separators. And, of course, could not miss the specialists in the play of light and shadows: the mirrors! The spacious room’s foolproof way to play as long as you desire element.

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