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Why you need medical cover at your next event

In a typical year, the average person may attend several events, from weddings and graduations, to summer fairs, a circus show or music concerts. In these cases, there’s nothing more to think about than what to wear, or how much something will cost, but for those in charge of organising these events, there’s a much longer list of responsibilities to consider.

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Event organising generally includes tasks such as sourcing a venue, arranging for permits and insurance cover, booking caterers, musicians, an entertainer or whatever else is relevant in each case, but there is one crucial aspect of event planning which can often be overlooked – medical cover.

Safety first

Events medical cover is pretty much essential for any event which is more than a simple family or friends get-together. You may be planning a party in the village hall for 50 people, or a food festival with 5,000 visitors expected, but both involve guests, and perhaps staff and volunteers too, whose safety throughout the event is your responsibility. That may sound pretty scary if you have never thought about it before, but unfortunately, there are times when medical emergencies happen, so it’s always best to be prepared.

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All events have risks

In some professions, carrying out risk assessments is part of daily life, but for the average person, thinking about potential hazards isn’t the first thing on their mind. Different sizes and types of events carry different risks, of course, so while people may faint in the crush of a pop festival, at a food event, it may be emergencies like choking or food allergies which need an urgent medical response. The government even offers a guide to safe event planning, in the wake of terrorist incidents.

Guests or visitors at big events appreciate it

Large events attract a lot of people, and most of them will really like the visible presence of professional event medical staff working for specialised companies such as https://www.outdoormedicalsolutions.co.uk/event-medical-cover/. In turn, this increases visitor confidence in the event, and the brand it represents.

Small events are one thing, but at a large event, it is simply impossible for one or two people to deal with every aspect of it, so it’s sensible to organise specialists to do their job, leaving you more time to focus on the things only you can do.


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