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Why the umpteenth famous diet can harm your health?

The trend today is that celebrities promote sports equipment or gyms, but be an example in the practice of diets. So today we have a new fad diet among the most recognized artists: the revolution of 22 days. An attractive name that promises tempting results, however, tell you why the umpteenth famous diet can harm your health.

“Revolution 22 days”

Just three weeks are enough to become someone else and lose 11 kilos, according to its author suggests, a nutritionist and physiologist named Marcos Borges.

Recognized stars like Beyoncé, Pharrell Williams, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and others are responsible for promoting his body is based primarily on plant foods diet.

Why the umpteenth famous diet can harm your health“Revolution of 22 days” is the name of this new dietary strategy that above all is a diet vegan and gluten free. Its main rule is to eat more vegetables, because fruits and vegetables are the basis of this diet.

In addition, food must be of biological origin, i.e. should eat only food from the earth and therefore avoid anything that has been modified or changed its natural state. Processed foods are not allowed at all.

On the other hand, it is recommended to exercise at least 30 minutes a day, drink water and take three meals a day, with dinner the last meal should end two hours before bedtime.

Soy is another forbidden foods diet and all legumes or grains that we consume are recommended for the first two meal of the day, so the activity to burn calories intake.

The aim is to achieve a diet of 80% complex carbohydrates, 10% protein and 10% fat as outlined in the book “The 22- day revolution”.

11 kilos less in 22 days, changes in genes within that period of time that allow health benefit forever and the ability to cook at home or buy suitable food to the diet to avoid having to create meals compatible with this strategy.

Real experiences

A diet of these features without processed foods, only 22 days long and above all, full of plant foods, can not hurt anyone right? It is what many may conclude and therefore there are few people who have decided to experiment with this strategy.

The journalist Lesley Messer is one of them and their experience pointing out how difficult it was to follow the diet rules while simultaneously fulfilling his work duties, for preparing gluten – free, vegan and without trial, physical activity and work all the day or go to restaurants often became impossible and culminated breaking rules of the strategy.

Beyond that, the journalist concludes that did experience personal empowerment when he checked his ability to control meals to something as strict as this diet. He also managed to lose the promised weight but can not ensure a higher level of energy .

On the other hand, another not known who tested the diet says that he was hungry, very hungry , which was only controllable with the passage of time.

The reality is that a diet of these features, recognized even by the famous as “strict” yes you can achieve results on body weight, but is a proper diet for everyone? In nothing you can harm us?

Why the diet of celebrities can harm your health?

We have analyzed a lot of miracle diets and most have a common denominator: they promise great weight loss in a short time . This new strategy touting the famous takes this feature and also promises long – term changes.

However, not being a vegan diet, gluten and processed is beneficial for all or allows positive changes in our health.

First, does not respect many of the recommendations of the new US Dietary Guidelines in force until 2020, and prepared for the healthy population in general, as many food groups like dairy or protein foods (including variety meat) are removed of “the revolution of the 22 days”.

On the other hand, 80% of calories from carbohydrates and only the remaining 20% distributed between fat and protein may not be suitable or balanced for athletes, people in growth or metabolic diseases that have high cost . Fats are necessary in our diet and have nothing wrong, even the last Consensus for the Spanish population FESNAD not set maximum recommended limit of this nutrient.

Proteins meanwhile, needed to repair and build new structures are essential for athletes with high physical wear or for sick or growing people, therefore, this diet could harm the body of these people.

Finally, strict diets stress the body and this is no exception to this feature, can alter hormones that regulate metabolism, send signals of hunger and satiety and more. Also, the sudden change in our food can hurt us, become more anxious and stressed, all of which does not benefit health but on the contrary, the damages in the long – term time.

In fact, one of the main causes of rebound effect is the implementation of such strict diets that produce a sudden drop in weight and stressed the body completely altering our eating behavior or becoming untenable strategy we use to lose weight.

That is, the main error of these diets is that they are universal, do not personalize or serve individual characteristics of each person. And although the celebrities promote their slender bodies, we can not rely on these strategies tempting but little suited to the particularities of each.

As if that were not enough, this diet and many other hidden a large trade behind, because in this particular case not only sold and delivered to address specific foods to the diet, but also the book “The 22-day revolution” is marketed, cookbook, bars, shakes and others.


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