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Who is who in the world of diets?

Within the world of diets we could say that there are as many types of food as there are people: we each have a way to feed ourselves by opting for some vegetables and fruits, others for a greater consumption of meat, cereals … For To be able to make concrete groups, we have agreed to group each type of food with a different “tag” , which makes it easier to know what we are talking about at any moment.

Who is who in the world of dietsIt may be that in this process so many labels have been created that we are not very clear in what each one of them consists. That is why today we ask ourselves who is who in the world of diets?

  • Vegetarians: those who refuse to eat food from animals. Within this group we can find different variants.
    • Ovolactovegetarians: is one of the most common variants. Ovolactovegetarians do not consume food of animal origin, but milk and eggs.
    • Ovovegetarians: do not consume foods of animal origin, but eggs.
    • Lactovegetarians: they do not consume foods of animal origin, but milk.
    • Pescetarians: they do not eat meat, but fish do, although their food is based on foods of vegetal origin.
  • Vegans: do not consume any food that comes from an animal (also eggs, milk or honey) and also do not use leather or other materials that come from animals. It involves more than just a type of food: it is a way of life.
  • Crudivores: Crudivores consume unprocessed food (animal or vegetable). Normally they do not cook them above 46 degrees. Within the crudivorism current we can find a variant.
    • Crudiveganos: in addition to not processing food, crudiveganos do not consume those that have an animal origin: meat, fish, milk …
  • Frugivorous or fruity: they are only fed on fruit and nuts. It can be considered a slope a little more radical than the veganismo, since they consider that when eating exclusively the fruit they do not kill plants to feed themselves.
  • Paleos: followers of the Paleolithic diet or Paleolithic diet bet on a similar diet (as far as possible in our time) to which the men of that time. They consume meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and roots. Processed products, sugar and processed grains are excluded from your diet.
  • Flexitarians: Technically refers to being a “flexible” vegetarian, that is, being most of the time, but with some exceptions in which the individual is allowed to eat meat or fish. It is important to remember that one always starts from a vegetarian diet and from that is when exceptions are made, and not the other way around.

It should be remembered that the human being is omnivorous and that all these diets or modes of eating are choices that we take for ourselves; But man is prepared to eat meat, fish and vegetables .


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