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What it may be back pain?

You know what can be caused by back pain? We’ll tell you in our blog of Health. Back pain is one of those symptoms that may be due to a myriad of possible causes. If in the last six months or more have suffered constant pain should seek medical advice. But do not panic without knowing anything clear because in 90% of cases not attributed to any particular cause and least serious.

Generally it related to problems caused by overexertion, stress, poor posture and tight muscles that never quite relax. They are known as non-specific low back pain.

Sometimes the pain is related to the degeneration of the vertebrae or discs, sometimes by arthrosis, cracks or nerve compression.

What it may be back painAnd most exceptional back pain is a symptom of serious illness such as an infection or a tumor. In these cases the pain is unrelieved with treatments that do make refer nonspecific low back pain.

Risk factors that lead to back pain

There are some risk factors that help indicate which the source of pain in our back is:

Genetics may be the origin of certain disorders that contribute to back hurts, such as degenerative disc disease of the vertebrae.

The sedentary lifestyle, ie, the absence of regular exercise, markedly increases the risk of back pain, especially low back pain are given.

-The Age is one of the most obvious causes as time structures of our body are worn, so they appear ailments and diseases that cause back pain.

When a person is overweight his back supports increased pressure, especially in the lumbar area.

-During Pregnancy women have an increase in body weight that leads to suffering back pain.

When we perceive our back pain remains or even worse we have to see a doctor. To diagnose what kind of problem we have we shall ask the medical history and make us a physical exam. Among these tests we may have to realize ourselves: X-rays, MRIs, blood tests or scans.

As we mentioned earlier, there are a lot of reasons why one might suffer back pain. Let’s see some of them:

-Escoliosis: It is a condition that causes the spine to curve from side to side so that it forms a C or S. No treatment is needed always, everything depends on the severity of the curvature.

-Hernia Lumbar disc: When the inner core of the disc moves produces irritation of a nerve. Sometimes the pain spreads from the back to the leg.

-Osteoarthritis: Some joints degenerate and produce back pain in addition to reducing the flexibility of the spine. Osteoarthritis may be the beginning of a spinal stenosis, i.e. narrowing of the nerves of the spinal cord, which put pressure on the nerve root and cause pain.

-Degeneration Discs: Discs are losing water containing bringing the vertebrae closer together and discs do not absorb the impacts of movement.

Lumbar -Estenosis: This is the narrowing of the canal of the spinal cord and when it appears it usually does in old age.

Apart from these there are many other diseases, some more serious, some less. The question is if it hurts a lot and does not subside with time, we must go to the doctor.



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