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What does the breath test?

The breath test is a medical test that is practiced on those suspected to be suffering from Helicobacter pylori. It is a bacterium that appears on the walls of the stomach and is based on an enzyme called urease. The discovery of Helicobacter pylori is recent, as well as his involvement in gastric diseases.

What we will know the breath test?

With the breath test can check whether the bacteria found in the stomach. Its implementation is very simple, is to take a certain dose of urea in capsule form and then measuring the urea breath exhales, depending on the presence or absence of bacteria.

What does the breath testBut what about when we practicals the breath test? There are several diseases that relate to the bacteria mentioned and in which this test is performed in order to determine the relationship.

Gastric ulcers, duodenal either active or past, can keep a link with the bacteria of which we speak. In the case of the former, usually directly related and should try to put solution to the ulcer. As for last duodenal ulcer, it is recommended that is made test those who are affected, because if Helicobacter pylori is located can decrease the chances of relapse in the disease.

When we prolonged use in time of anti – inflammatory drugs we must ask the breath test to detect bacteria and, if so, treat it, so that we can reduce the risk of developing ulcers.

Dyspepsia is those proper signs of poor digestion that flare up more than normal. In these cases it might have Helicobacter pylori and therefore, we must eradicate it to eliminate these symptoms so heavy and uncomfortable.

Before going to make us breath test we cannot take any medication, unless, of course, the doctor tells us. We must also follow a diet to be excluded dairy products, cereals, sugar, processed meats and vegetables. Smoking twelve hours before the test is not recommended and not having eaten anything solid. Nor water in the last four hours. All these instructions are essential to avoid false positives or negatives.



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