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Trikonasana: The keys to perform the yoga triangle pose perfectly

On previous occasions we have presented you individually some of the Yoga postures with the keys to perform them perfectly: we have reviewed, for example, the pose of the tree or the dog face down. Today we focus on another of the most popular asanas in Yoga sessions: trikonasana or the pose of the triangle.

The position of the triangle in Yoga has a multitude of benefits for our organism : it helps us strengthen both the arms, which keep their muscles active throughout the movement, as well as the legs that support the weight of the body and the musculature of the middle zone, which It stretches and stretches in this position. It also helps us to work our balance, flexibility and coordination.

Let’s see how to make step by step the position of the triangle and also the variants of the inverted triangle and the extended triangle.

The posture of the triangle step by step

To perform the triangle pose we stand on our mat. We take a long step with the right leg to the side , so that our legs are widely separated from each other and the area of ​​the adductors (the inner part of the thighs) is stretched. We rotate the right foot so that the fingers point to the side while the left one faces to the front.

From there, we open our arms in a cross, activating the muscles of them, elongating : we can imagine that we have a thread that goes from the right hand to the left and the one that pulls from the outside towards both sides. We lean laterally to the right (the leg with which we have taken the big step to the side) keeping the arms crossed, and go down as much as we can: we can rest on the leg or foot. The head always looks up.

It is possible that at the beginning we can not go down much and we can only lean on the leg, without touching the foot : nothing happens, it is always a matter of practice and patience.

The variants of the extended triangle and the inverted triangle

Within the triangle pose or trikonasana there are different variations. Today we will look at two of them: the pose of the extended triangle and that of the inverted triangle.

In the case of the extended triangle, the mechanics is very similar to the pose of the normal or standard triangle. The difference between them is that in the case of the extended triangle the leg with which we have taken the step towards the side must stay fully stretched and also go down with our arm to touch the foot.

When we talk about the inverted triangle, the thing changes a bit since we include a twist when we lean towards the opposite side. If we have displaced the right foot, we will have to lean towards that side, but with the left arm down: thus the rotation helps us to stretch much more the back muscles. The left hand, to maintain a perfect position, should touch the mat on the outside of our foot.

In this case, in addition, the foot of the back leg (the one that remains immobile) also looks slightly to the side. It is a pose much more complicated than the normal triangle and requires greater flexibility.

Now that you know the poses you can already include them in your Yoga routines, have you tried them already?


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