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Training Courses that Improve Brain Power, Hand-Eye Coordination and Dexterity

Young and Old, Male and Female, every Nationality, Faith, Creed, Colour or Gender, anyone can participate in an accredited training Course.  Improving their minds, as well as their hand-eye coordination and dexterity.  All individual and integral parts of the list of perfect ingredients to help keep minds and bodies active and alert. Bespoke training Courses run by highly- qualified Trainers, such as the individually tailored, IPAF Course.   On successful completion of this intensive Training Course, each Candidate will be aware of the relevant legislation and guidance.  Be compliant with accident prevention and control, be aware of the safe operating procedures, understand comprehensively the rules regarding personnel protection and the need to refer to the machine operating manual.

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There have been many intensive and conclusive studies that have shown that by learning new skills and continuing to stretch your mind and keep your body active, you could extend your life expectancy by several years!  When young children of only four years of age begin their learning journeys their minds are like little sponges and absorb any information willingly.  As we get older and older it’s a more complicated process, but many senior citizens as old as 92 have studied complex lessons and passed with flying colors.

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Every successful Trainee receives an accredited certificate and a Powered Access Licence which is valid for five years and comes complete with a holographic logo and passport photograph.


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