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Tips for Caring Intestinal Flora

The  dietary fiber  and foods with  probiotics  become two of the main allies to improve the functioning of our gut you like to know what are the most appropriate to include in our daily diet products are, as well as habits continue to  take care of the intestinal flora?

What we eat throughout the day plays a vital role in the care of the  intestinal flora, it is all a very complex ecosystem and populated by many different bacteria inside that are beneficial to our health. For the same reason, the  Editorial Amat with the book “The wonders of flora” has launched a new campaign to make us aware of how important it is to care this part of our body through our eating habits.

Tips for Caring Intestinal FloraOn the one hand,  probiotics  are live microorganisms that can withstand passage through the digestive tract and reach our intestines alive to perform their beneficial functions in our  intestinal health . Depending on the strain and species,  probiotics  have different effects on our body. One of the best known are called  bifidobacteria , which precisely predominate in the  intestinal flora  of children, because they are fed on breast milk. Within the context of a balanced diet, you should know that  probiotics  the’ll take daily for a period of prolonged and indefinite period.

The  probiotic  those we have at our disposal, as are present in products such as fermented milk, yoghurt or kefir, a fermented milk drink. In addition to these beneficial for our bacteria  intestinal health , these products will bring us a number of essential nutrients to function in our daily life as, for example, calcium, phosphorus or potassium and vitamins A, D, B12 or folic acid, ideal for pregnant women in order to avoid fetal malformations.

Another fundamental pillars on which should settle a healthy diet and balanced is the  dietary fiber, which help us regulate organ systems. Although it is not digested in the small intestine, it is able to reach the colon or large intestine where it will be fermentable.

However, when classifying the  modalities of fiber  existing, we should consider the fermentable calls that can be found in fruits, vegetables, cereals and vegetables as well as non – fermentable present in whole grains, derived from rice or rye.

Overall, from the food by which we can choose in the market and that will give us the amount of fiber needed are  vegetables  such as artichokes, kale, spinach, beets, green beans, turnip or escarole. We can also opt for  fruits  such as blueberries, blackberries, bananas, avocado, quince or guava, legumes such as dried beans, pinto bean dry, soybeans or lentils, grains such as whole grain cracker, oats, wheat germ, bread rye or wholemeal bread and  nuts  such as hazelnuts, peanuts and sunflower seeds. Every day is recommended to take about 25 grams of dietary fiber as well as yoghurts and fermented milk.

An  ideal menu  to take care of our  intestinal flora  would consist of the following ingredients:

-For  Breakfast : we can choose wholemeal bread, toast and cereal and milk, yogurt or fermented milk with bifidus, cheese or seasonal fruit.

-A  Midmorning  we must not forget to include nuts, as well as some of the products displayed in previous lines.

-For The food, we have to include vegetables (either raw in a salad or cooked), poultry, fish, seafood or vegetables as a main course and dessert yogurts, fermented milk with bifidus or fruit.

-For The  snack  would be advisable to opt for some milk or fruit.

-Finally, For  dinner, we must also include raw or cooked vegetables, brown rice, fish or eggs, and as dessert yogurts, fermented milk with bifidus or fruit.

In addition to these guidelines in food, we must not ignore the  physical exercise  daily, avoid laxatives without medical prescription, go to the service when the body will ask and not wait unnecessarily, avoid the consumption of  flatulent vegetables  such as broccoli, artichoke, celery or Brussels sprouts.

And you? Also you follow a healthy diet in order to improve your  intestinal flora ? What do you think the campaign  Editorial Amat  to take care of our  intestinal flora ?


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