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Three workout routines and muscles without specific sports equipment

If you are not near the gym or have decided to get in shape without help from this, surely these three routines to work strength and muscles without specific sports equipment, so you can do them at home, outdoors or in Any other space.

If your goal is to gain strength and muscle mass, these routines can help you …

Three workout routines and muscles without specific sports equipmentRoutine 1: With furnishings

Using a bench that we can find in any outdoor space such as a park or similar, and a mat, we can implement this routine that is perfect for training the whole body outdoors.

With intense exercises like the Bulgarian squat, dead weight, elevation of pelvis to a leg, bottoms declined, rowing to an arm, gymnast’s triceps, curl of biceps, diagonal press to an arm, mountain climbers and the bell we can work everything The body as shown in the following video:

We will work in circuit form , performing each exercise about 12 to 15 repetitions before moving on to the next one and repeat the circuit about two or three times.

With this perfect routine to perform outdoors we will work from legs and buttocks, to middle area, arms, shoulders, back and of course, we will develop strength, muscle and also, we will burn calories.

Routine 2: Without any equipment

If you are looking for an option without any equipment that you can put into practice on a beach, in a park, in the gym or at home, this can be the ideal alternative to work muscles and gain strength.

With autoloading movements where we mobilize only the weight of our body as the spiderman walk, scissors with jump, walk in iron and lizards / displacements we will carry out this routine:

Each exercise will take about 10 to 15 times and we will repeat the circuit of four exercises between four and seven times.

With this routine we will not only intensely work our body from head to toe for gaining strength and muscle mass, but we can also burn fat considerably given the great mobilization of body mass required and the high intensity of effort.

Routine 3: With homemade objects

At the moment of working the body to gain strength and muscle we do not always need Russian dumbbells, dumbbells, discs or super charged bars, but with homemade elements we can achieve equal results.

As shown in the following routine, we can work the whole body using water bottles and a table that we will find in any house:

With nine exercises such as squatting with front elevation, alternating back stride, squat plus jump, bottoms or pushups helicopter, inverted rowing, triceps extensions, biceps curl, prone iron shifting hands and cross swing can work from the lower and middle train Up to the upper train, strength, aerobic capacity, flexibility, coordination and more.

It is a demanding full body routine that we can perform at home adjusting the size of the water bottles to our training level: the more experience we will choose bottles with more liters.

Each exercise can be done two or three sets of 10 to 15 repetitions each.

There are no excuses to work the body at home, outdoors or wherever you are, as it is demonstrated with these three routines to gain strength and muscle, it is possible to train hard without specific sports equipment or sophisticated elements.


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