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Three sporting challenges that will help you get in shape this new year

To avoid losing motivation when training is always positive to take on new challenges, so to help you get in shape this new year, we leave three sports challenges that you can propose and start now.

Flexion challenge

The push-ups are a self-loading exercise that we can perform in any space, without any equipment, so there are no excuses to put it into practice.

In addition, we adapt to each level its execution that must have the proper technique to prevent injuries and achieve true results: remember not to break the waist, to bring the chest as close to the ground as possible when lowering and flexing the elbows to raise and lower the whole body.

If you have never trained and started from scratch, we propose to do the push-ups with your hands resting on the wall, if you have not trained for a short time you can do them on the floor with your knees resting on it. If you can perform the true flex in table position with toes and hands on the ground as sole support.

If you want more intensity you can raise the support of the legs on a chair or, do the push-ups to one hand.

In seven days you should achieve 20 push-ups in a row and you can move forward a week later to a more intense flexion, for example: from push-ups to knees push-ups on the floor.Another way to advance is to increase the number of series, for example, from one week to another we doubled the series that we made and if you are the most daring and experienced, you can target the challenge of 100 push-ups proposed by our partners.

Challenge of burpees

The burpees are a very complete exercise, which you will hate and love at the same time for its great difficulty and the exhausting of its practice but the good results it produces.

It is also a movement that you can perform in any space because you only need your body to execute it. Remember that it requires a good technique to get the most out of the movement and that we should always touch the floor with the chest in each repetition.

On day seven you will really feel the intensity of this exercise and as we said in the previous challenge, the following week you can double the series or, increase every two days +3 repetitions in each series.It is a truly demanding challenge, suitable for those looking to improve from the tone to the aerobic capacity and burning fat in your body.

Domination Challenge

For the more experienced with some training time, this challenge is ideal, because the dominated are always difficult to achieve and advancing in the amount that we can execute is a great step on a sporting level that we can give this year.

If you still do not get your first dominate, you can start with the help of a partner, strengthen the muscles requested with other movements or, put the challenge in practice with another exercise that works similar muscles as for example: inverted rowing.

In this challenge we recommend to increase the number of repetitions very slowly and not to duplicate the series until having at least 15 consecutive repetitions achieved without greater difficulty. Only then will we be able to execute two sets of 8 – 10 repetitions each.

Are three very recommendable challenges to challenge ourselves and get in shape this new year, do you dare to try? We look forward to your feedback with the results!


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