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Three routines with TRX to work your body wherever you are

Whether in your gym, in a park, or in your living room, the TRX is an effective and versatile training system with which you can perform a variety of exercises, therefore, if you have this equipment, here we bring three routines with TRX to work your body wherever you are .

Routine 1: to burn calories and tone up

If your goal is to burn calories, activate metabolism and tone muscles this first routine may be for you, because it is only five exercises that we must perform in four rounds as a circuit.

The first movement is a flexion of arms with knees to the chest, with feet suspended in TRX, then perform rowing to work the back, pectoral press or openings with hands on the harness, strides in suspension and finally, a woodchopper or lumberjacks to work on the whole core and raise pulsations.

We can do between 15 and 25 repetitions of each movement and move on to the next one until we complete the circuit that we will repeat four times if possible .

This training is very complete and can be completed in maximum 20 minutes so it is a very good option when we do not have time to train but we are looking for an effective job.

Routine 2: circuit to gain muscle

If what interests you most is to gain muscle and perceive the intense work throughout your body, this routine is the most recommended, as it includes intense movements that challenge different parts of the body.

It includes different exercises such as front elevations and openings, abdominal extensions, biceps curls, strides, squats with displacement, extensions of triceps and pike press or elevation of hip in iron position.

For each movement it is recommended to perform between 10 and 15 repetitions and repeat the total of the circuit about 4 times .

It is a challenging training for all the muscles of the body so it is recommended for those who have been training for a while and have an adequate level ofprevious strength .

Routine 3: HIIT to burn fat

Working at high intensity intervals with different exercises, this last routine with TRX is ideal to burn fat wherever we are and in just 10 minutes .

After performing a brief warm-up, we will perform 10 different exercises at intervals of 40 seconds of effort alternating with each other for 20 seconds of rest .

During each interval, as many repetitions as possible should be done in order to get the most out of this HIIT routine that will help us to increase metabolism, burn fat and obtain other benefits more with your practice.

It is also an intense routine, not recommended for beginners but that we can adapt by extending rest periods or reducing stress.

We already see that we can perform with TRX different routines to work the whole body wherever we are and achieve our goal whatever this may be. Do you dare with any of them?


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