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Three calisthenics routine for beginners, intermediate and advanced

Al Kavadlo, one of the most famous and important calisthenics athletes worldwide, teaches us today three routines that will put us to the test when training with our own body weight . With simple exercises (apparently) and basic, and with a simple methodology (5×5: five sets of five repetitions of each exercise made in circuit), you can discover at what level you are, do we try?

Calisthenics routine for beginners

A routine to start from scratch : if you have not practiced calisthenics (training with your own body weight), this is a good place to start. With very basic exercises such as the inverted oars (the previous step to the dominated ones), the leg shrinkage, the lunges and the push-ups we get a complete routine with which we will work the whole body.

Remember that the exercises are done in a circuit : five repetitions of each of the movements without rest between them. We stopped 30 seconds when we finished the first round and went to the next.

Calisthenics routine for intermediates

In the intermediate version , the routine starts to get slightly complicated. The first thing we find is the five repetitions of another of the basic ones: the dominated ones. Only because of this I would already stay at the beginner level until I managed to do at least five consecutive dominos.

The other exercises that we find in the routine are progressions of the ones we have done previously : the leg shrugs this time we will do them hanging from a bar, we start with a simple version of the pistol squats or squats on one leg, and we finish with the push-ups for shoulders, which are carried upside down with the feet elevated on a drawer or a bar.

Calisthenics routine for advanced

We end up with a much more complicated routine in which multi-joint movements and the strength of the core is put to the test with each exercise.

To complete this routine we will have to perform five muscle-up’s (a progression of the pull-ups, raising half of our body above the bar), five leg lifts to the bar (eye because the legs always go straight, a work of brutal abdomen), five pistol squats or squats on one leg with each leg (and without assistance) and five push-ups doing the handstand (in these, unlike those done in CrossFit, the head is not supported, but is pure triceps work).

With five repetitions of this circuit we have a perfect advanced level calisthenics training.

At what level are you?


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