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This is the best time of day to train

The last morning of Saturday to Sunday saw the change of time, and a question may be hanging around your mind at this time: should I change the time to train as a result of the change of time? Does the time of day that I train in achieving my goals influence ?

The time we have to train presents a debate that seems to have no end on whether it is better to train first thing in the morning, mid afternoon, last night … but, from my point of view, this debate can settle with a simple statement: the best time to train is one that suits you well and that best suits your pace of life and your possibilities.

Benefits of training in the mornings for the early risers

Of course, the time at which we decide to do our training will depend largely on our daily obligations (family, work …) but in most cases people decide to train in the evenings or at night but Do you have any benefit in training in the mornings? Should we choose this time of day to do our workouts?

  • Constancy : training in the early hours of the morning requires a certain level of commitment and perseverance , because we need to get up early in order to train and that the time we dedicate to our routine, whether it is just going out and running Gym or home training.
  • Less stress : because as we mentioned above, most people choose evening or evening hours to train , in the mornings we will find less stress at the time of training, whether we go for a run or train in a gym. Obviously, the problem of the burdens will not have it if we train at home no matter what time it is.
  • Helps to relieve stress : we have already explained on other occasions that the practice of physical exercise is a powerful ally to combat stress , so doing it early in the day will help the effect produced in our body by endorphins is prolonged for more time
  • Regulation of schedules : exercise every day in the first hour , helps our inner body that routine routine and in this way that does not suppose a disturbance for our circadian rhythms to exercise every day at a different time. In addition, we take better advantage of the hormonal regulation produced during the sleep cycle.
  • Energy for the rest of the day **: exercising at first helps us activate our body and give it an “energy injection” to face the rest of our journey.
  • Pollution : if the exercise we do in the morning consists of going out running , doing it first thing in the morning, we will avoid breathing the excess pollution caused by traffic throughout the day, since at night the volume of vehicles circulating it is considerably lower and, therefore, there should be less pollution in the environment.

Benefits of training in the evenings-nights

That training in the morning in the first hour has benefits does not mean that doing it in the afternoon or at night does not have it. Every moment has its benefits, and we must know how to choose according to our objectives and our possibilities the best moment to carry out our training.

If we are going to train in the afternoon or at the end of the day , these are some of the benefits that we can find ourselves with:

  • Injuries : there are those who argue that training in the afternoon reduces the risk of injury because in the mornings our body has not “warmed up” because we left the sleep cycle and at night we are already with the reserves of Low energy for the workday. There are no reliable studies that confirm or deny this point.
  • Night rest : although it is not proven that this point is true, some studies suggest that training in the afternoon or at the end of the day can harm our rest. However, there are also studies that show this as a benefit since exercise can cause a relaxing effect in our body.
  • Energy levels : if we have a balanced diet and a full supply of nutrients, there are those who say that training in the afternoon or at the end of the day can make us take better advantage of our body’s energy deposits , which should be filled by the intake of nutrients. the meals of our daily journey.Personally, I tried to train at the end of the day and, contrary to what many people say, I have not noticed any damage in terms of night time rest, rather the other way around, I have slept even better.
  • Stress and anxiety : the evening training can help us to reduce the levels of stress and anxiety produced by the workday and all the events that we have faced during the day.

So, at what time is it better to train?

As we have seen, both training in the morning and in the evenings or at night , have their advantages, so the most logical answer would be that the best time to train is the one that best suits your schedules and possibilities.

Obviously, someone who works in the mornings, for many benefits that have train early in the day , it will have more difficult, so you must choose another schedule. Personally, if I had to choose a time of the day as the ideal to train, I would prefer to do it early in the day to take advantage of the effect of “energy load” that can produce the exercise and the creation of a more solid face routine. to day to day continuous.


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