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This is how your body works with battle ropes

The battle ropes is a training method very used in Crossfit that consists of mobilizing in different ways, thick and heavy ropes with the hands while we are standing, sitting or in another position. Thus, the battle ropesadmits infinite variants and demands an intense work to the body as we show below.

The muscles worked with battle ropes

Although the movement seems simple and without depth one only visualizes the work of the upper extremities, the reality is that with battle ropes we request the effort of many muscles of the body .

As the following video shows, with battle ropes we work our arms and shouldersto move the ropes in the most basic way, but we also need the muscles of the back and abdomen to contract to stabilize us and help us maintain a correct position.

Also, with each hip flexion and extension work buttocks , as well as quadriceps and femoral , and depending on the variant that we use, with battle ropes we can work to a greater extent abdominals as shown by our colleagues in Jacket Man , as well as lower train if while We mobilize the strings we perform squats or strides, or, shoulders and arms if we perform frontal and lateral flights with the ropes or some type of rowing.

Other skills worked with battle ropes

Beyond the muscular work that as we saw is very complete when mobilizing these heavy and thick ropes, when we train with battle ropes we are developing other skills such as strength, aerobic capacity, balance and coordination .

All muscles must work in a coordinated way and our arms must be mobilized at appropriate times to produce precise movements with the strings, in addition, we work the balance and strength to maintain stability and be able to raise, lower or shake the great weight of the strings without lose the position.

And on the other hand, we also burn calories and develop aerobic capacity with the rhythmic movements that training requires.


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