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This is all you need to start practicing Yoga and Pilates at home

If this new year you have started to train at home, and within your plans is to practice body-mind disciplines like Pilates or Yoga, you’re in luck: we tell you everything you need to get down to work, where to find the best information on the internet and how to follow classes and sessions online that will allow you to start in these disciplines from your own classroom.

As always, the best option is to start in the hands of a good professional who teaches us the correct technique of the exercises and that can adapt them to our personal needs. If this is not possible and you want to start training on your own, this is all you have to know.

The right material to practice Yoga and Pilates

One of the main advantages of disciplines like Yoga and Pilates is that you hardly need space or material to practice them. Basically the only thing you need is a wide mat (where you are perfectly lying down) in which we feel comfortable: some prefer those that are very finite, just like a rug, and Others that are thicker (you can find them of eight millimeters or more: they are more comfortable, but less stable at the time of performing balancing postures).

The most important thing is to keep the yoga mat and pilates clean, after every use without chemicals (we can clean it by spraying lemon juice diluted in water) and let it dry in the air.

The basic thing is that you get a good mat. As accessories for beginners, you can purchase straps or blocks

If you are a beginner and you have some limitations in mobility and flexibility is very good idea to buy a block of Yoga : these are blocks generally made in EVA foam that will help us in different postures by placing them , For example, under the back in the hyperextensions or sitting on them. The “economic” version of Yoga blocks can be a few stacked towels.

Another accessory that can help us in our beginnings in Yoga (less used in Pilates) are the straps: these help us to grab our feet or legs when we do not yet have the flexibility to do so by ourselves. You can also use a cotton belt or a rolled up long towel for a homemade version of the same.

Where to Find Pilates and Yoga Online Classes

You already have everything you need? It’s time to start training! For this we can use several very visual tools , in video, that will guide us through the practice of these two disciplines.

Yoga and Pilates on YouTube

In YouTube we can find many channels that offer us complete Yoga and Pilates classes for different purposes like improving our flexibility, working our central area, and so on. The problem, if we do not speak English or are not familiar with the vocabulary, is that most of them are available in this language. Even so, here are some channels that are worth visiting:

  • Yogahora: a channel totally where you can find complete classes of dynamic Yoga and analysis of different postures, to realize them with the correct technique.
  • Elena Malova Channel: Within her multiple videos, Elena has a playlist with 40 videos dedicated to Yoga for beginners that can be very helpful if you are just starting out.
  • Pilatesology: possibly one of the best Youtube channels on pilates, yes. One of the most interesting contents is the playlist-exercise library , where we are taught the technique of all the most classic Pilates exercises.
  • Blogilates: In this channel you can find a lot of training (not limited to Pilates) and many short sessions of a Pilates not very traditional, but very entertaining, to work our whole body. In the beginner’s playlist you can find sessions of between ten and 25 minutes in length.

Yoga and Pilates subscription systems

The other possibility we have to start practicing Yoga and Pilates at home are the subscription systems. The best known (and I use, so it’s over I can give opinion) is Aomm.

Through these subscription systems we can access Pilates and Yoga classes of different levels and for various purposes (improve flexibility, Yoga for athletes, Pilates for runners …) 24 hours a day from our mobile, tablet or Television with internet connection.

The professors are great professionals of these disciplines, the classes are very pleasant and with all the indications necessary to realize them without problem and, most importantly.

These subscription systems are usually not very expensive for all classes offered, which also increase with the passage of time: usually between three and ten euros per month, depending on the time we subscribe (more time, more Cheap sale) and usually have offers on their websites.


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