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These are the risks of miracle diets that promise to lose 10 kilos in a month

Miracle diets are a temptation this season and even more so for those who have gained a lot of weight since 2017 and up to date. However, they are never good alternatives to follow and that is why we show you the risks of miracle diets that promise to lose 10 kilos in a month.

How is it possible to lose 10 kilos in a month?

It is advisable to lose about 1% of the current weight per week and no more than that so that most of the weight lost is based on body fat, so those who weigh more weight can lose and not even in a 150 kilos person is recommended to lose 10 kilos in a month .

Losing 10 kilos in just 30 days is a very high amount that can only be achieved with extreme resources such as a very low calorie diet for the person in question added (or not) to the practice of a considerable amount of physical exercise.

Whatever the food strategy used, it is clear that it is a diet not performed by a health professional who knows the most appropriate food, because the main thing at the time of losing weight is to get rid of the fat and preserve the lean mass.

The risks of miracle diets that promise to lose 10 kilos in a month

Under drastic, limited and of course temporary strategies because we could not sustain them for long , the miracle diets that promise to lose 10 kilos in one month place health at risk, producing the following negative effects :

Alter the feeding behavior

It is clear that for a diet to allow us to lose 10 kilos in just 30 days you must eliminate very caloric foods and others such as fruits, vegetables, legumes and others depending on the diet in question. Thus, we have a long list of “forbidden” that the only thing that achieves in our head is to accentuate the desires of its consumption .

When the diet has finished, our desire to eat and the anxiety at the time of intake of those usual foods or our pleasure that were forbidden will play against us , causing a lack of control in the quantities as well as favoring an insane relationship with food from there on.

Also, the stress generated by strict diets can encourage psychological or emotional hunger and this, encourage an altered relationship with food.

Increase the risk of infections

A limited diet that induces the risk of suffering from food shortages can put the health of the organism in trouble by affecting the functioning of the immune system.

If we lack carotenoids, essential fats, iron , vitamin C, zinc or other nutrients our system of defenses can be weakened because of the strict diet and thus, we increase the risk of suffering from several infections: from a cold or flu to others of greater gravity.

Also, stress and our immune system is closely related and if we reach high levels of the first the second may not work properly to get away from infectious diseases .

Promotes the loss of muscle and bone

As we said at the beginning, it is recommended to lose around 1% of the current weight per week, because above these amounts you begin to lose weight by pulling 50% fat and 50% lean tissue inside which the muscle is located and the bone.

If we lose muscle mass at the same time as fat, we will have a reduced metabolism afterwards, less active and at the same time, we will conserve fat that is not what we want to the detriment of muscle or bone.

If the diet is very restrictive, in addition to losing up to 50% of lean tissue can be limited in calcium, which contributes to the loss of bone mineral density and increases the risk of long-term osteoporosis . All this avoidable with a moderate diet and that protects health while we lose weight.

They favor the rebound effect

The more reduced in calories is a more difficult diet is to maintain the weight lost afterwards and it certainly points out that the miracle diets that promise the loss of 10 kilos per month favor the rebound effect .

Stress, muscle loss and different metabolic changes are responsible for this recovery of lost weight that culminates in noting the lack of effectiveness of fast diets or that produce such a remarkable weight loss at first but do not allow us to enjoy the new weight after.

We are dismissed from trying to achieve a healthy weight

If after having tried hard for 30 days, taking a strict diet to lose 10 kilos we started to get sick, have binge eating, and we see that the effort was not useful because we are quickly recovering the weight prior to the diet, we will clearly feel totally demotivated .

The miracle diets that promise to lose 10 kilos in a month do not favor the achievement of a healthier diet forever, they do not help us to improve habits and they are not motivating, but on the contrary, they can reduce our desire to achieve a healthy weight considerably after encourage the experience of an unpleasant experience.

For all these reasons, follow a diet that promises to lose 10 kilos in a month represents serious health risks and in fact, are not effective as we think , but quite the opposite.


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