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These are some of the dental problems that you’ll encounter if you are an athlete

That sport is good for health all know. It is true that practice will help us to visibly improve our health. But we must not forget that in excess can be bad and even harmful. We at this time we’re going to stop at a particular point in what excess sport can affect us. This is the teeth and health. Therefore we want to highlight some reasons for which we may be harmed.

It is true that proper dental health to anyone will help us get a general welfare in the body. In the case of athletes dental health is crucial, as it can affect muscle level and as far as performance is concerned. But also sport and its excess can also affect dental health. It is therefore necessary to consider a number of points to avoid hurt unnecessarily.

These are some of the dental problems that youll encounter if you are an athleteThe dental malocclusion and sport

Any person an dental malocclusion can cause backaches, neck, jaw … resulting from bad bite. For athletes this pain can become acute because the stress occurring in the mouth is greater. By supporting bad teeth and not get a good bite we can generate excessive strain on the neck and neck. Also, if this persists and is extended in the time we can even get to injure us .

Avoid malocclusion by orthodontic treatment to improve the bite is one of the solutions that we must contemplate, since thus get greatly improve the pain caused in the above areas.

Precisely this bad bite or misplacement of teeth is one of the main factors of tooth wear . When the bite is not correct the upper pieces you usually stick with the lower wearing parts of teeth and weakening others. In the case of athletes this process often exacerbated more. The main reason is given by the tension that occurs during exercise. This tension forces us to squeeze more teeth, something known as bruxism.

Bruxism in athletes

This phenomenon is something that many people suffer and that can result from stress. In the case of athletes bruxism can be even stronger, making the tooth wear is faster and the effects on the cervical muscles even more painful. It is therefore good to go to a dentist so that we make a splint download that will help remove tensions. It is highly recommended that we use as well trained to avoid harm.

Cavities and athletic performance

Cavities are another problem that can directly affect sports performance. It is true that cavities or any oral or dental infection is not pleasant for anyone. But in the case of athletes the problem is particularly acute. The problem is that oral and dental conditions affecting the muscles and joints. At the end of the day it is an infection that lowers our performance and power of action.

To avoid the effect of cavities need to be treated in the case of allergies. If we do not, we have a proper hygiene is essential. Do not forget that when doing sports often we turn to sports drinks or supplements that can lead sugars. It is therefore necessary to bear in mind the care of teeth if we use these supplements or drinks in order to continue to maintain health and prevent further steel derived problems.


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