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The seven most common mistakes that prevent you from losing weight in the gym

There are times when most mortals try to get fit for the August holidays and try to lose those extra kilos that torment us so much and how well we have kept hidden and covered during the winter.

If you are one of those who have proposed this goal, it is essential that you do not fall into beginner’s mistakes. On many occasions, it is very easy to detect who is a rookie in the gym for all the things you are doing wrong, so do not be one of them and avoid the seven most common mistakes that prevent you from losing weight in the gym.

Do not take care of your diet

There are those who, erroneously, choose to practically stop eating and go to the gym: error. At first we will see results that will attract us but … nothing is further from reality. The only thing we are getting is that our metabolism slows down and get used to that habit. What will happen will be simple: either we will stagnate or suffer the fearsome rebound effect . Also, remember: our muscles need nutrients to be able to perform and recover optimally, so avoid these mistakes when dieting.

On the other hand there are those who decide not to control their diet because … they go to the gym for something! A decision that taking into account our goal of losing weight, will not be worth it either. It is important that we follow a controlled diet, without skipping meals, controlling more or less the kcal we ingest, and only in this way can we reach a controlled caloric deficit that allows us to lose weight.

Abuse of supplementation and isotonic or energy drinks when it is not necessary

Obviously, everything will depend on the physical state from which we started and the objectives of each person, but it is always important to be aware of the individual needs when supplementing and knowing how to differentiate when necessary and when not.
If we start new in the gym and what we want is to lose weight we may not need, at the moment, this type of products if we are properly nourished following the keys of a healthy and controlled diet.

In the same way, it is essential that we drink liquid following a good hydration pattern but without abusing isotonic or energy drinks when they are not really necessary either, taking into account the intensity of the exercise we do, although in many cases they are sold as the panacea of ​​the sports performance when in reality it has little to do.

Do not mark an optimal frequency of training

Not much, not little. If we are new to the gym or two things may happen to us: either we want to go every day, because of the desire to see quick results, or that we do not start with the necessary consistency to create an effective habit.

It is important that we start with about three days a week of exercise. If we exceed it in excess, we can fall into overtraining or even injure ourselves, two reasons that will prevent us from achieving the objective set. Remember how important the routine itself is, as well as the correct rest period that allows us to recover optimally.

On the other hand there are those who go one or two days to the gym. Of course something is something, but it is not enough to create the habit we are looking for.

Prioritize cardio to strength work

If we think about losing weight we always resort to thinking about aerobic exercise and, although it is true that it is a faster way to burn calories initially, neither is it the only nor the best. The reason is that only doing cardio our body will quickly get used to the initial effort and we will have to intensify the intensity to see results over time.

Studies have corroborated that the work of weights, in addition to leading to a lower loss of muscle mass when we want to burn fat, in the long run is a more effective method to lose weight since we will increase the COPD and the basal metabolism.

Do not choose between cardio and weights, each one has its advantages, so … combine them!

Skip the routine and train only the muscle groups that “we want to look”

Another of the most common mistakes we make in the gym is not following the established custom routine pattern. And at this point the obsession with marking abs and training them continuously is often “take the cake.”

The routine must be organized and planned, so that on training days we will have to work with the muscle groups that touch us, without choosing only those that we want or that we want to highlight. The important thing is to work and rest with good programming, only in this way we will get a body in shape and balanced.

In addition, we must not forget that it has been proven that abdominal exercise, although a good ally in our training, alone is not enough to reduce specific fat in the area, nor is it as effective as it is believed.

Not progress in training

When we start in the gym it is very important that we dedicate the necessary time to know the exercises and the correct technique to perform them, an adaptation period that will span months.

Once we are accustomed and we progress, in terms of physical form, it is important that we go, at the same time, intensifying and advancing in the quality and volume of muscular work of our training. This will be key when it comes to seeing results and avoid following a routine that “falls short”.

From this moment you will be ready to organize your new routines and get the most out of them : how to combine the most effective cardio and weight work and learn the optimal order of exercises.

Not be realistic

Getting in shape, in general, or losing weight, in particular, is a path (that if done correctly) takes time, perseverance and discipline. Without these three pillars we will never achieve, in the long term, what we are looking for.

If you want to lose weight, start by being realistic. Propose attainable goals every certain time, it will be fundamental to achieve it and to avoid the early failures that can appear if we are too anxious.


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