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The seven best exercises to work your abdomen with bosu

The Bosu (Both Sides Up) is one of the most used elements when working in instability and develop a more intense training as well as proprioception and balance. Therefore, today we leave the seven best exercises to work your abdomen with bosu in a different and effective way.

The bosu and its advantages for working the abdomen

Being a half sphere, the bosu admits many uses when working the abdomen, being able to serve as an unstable point of support or as a surface that guarantees an optimal position of the spine to achieve a safer work.

Also, the bosu can be used as a cargo if we hold it with both hands and mobilize it in different planes, although the most effective ways of using it are as a support surface, especially unstable to request a greater effort of the muscles of the middle area or stabilizers .

Thus, we propose the following seven exercises with bosu to work abdominalsin a different and intense way and add diversity to the routine that we carry so far:

  • Plank or horizontal stabilization : as we would on the ground, we can support the tips of the feet, forearms or both on a bosu to work the greater rectus abdominis and the transverse abdominal. We can also invert the bosu and turn it into an unstable support point for our body. Variants to the classic plank are also stabilizations with one leg or raised hand, or else, with one leg and the arm of the opposite side raised, supporting one or both ends of our body on bosu.
  • Lateral plank: a variant of the classic plank to work the obliques, aligning the body on the side with a forearm on the bosu or with both feet on it. To this lateral plank we can add movement and raise and lower the hip, incorporate a trunk torsion, among others to intensify the work.
  • Vertical stabilization : standing or kneeling on the half sphere, trying that the bosu platform does not touch the ground, we will demand the contraction of all the musculature of the middle zone to preserve the position.
  • Flexoextensions of legs and trunk : inverting the bosu, sitting on the platform of the same and using it as unstable support surface, raise legs to perform flexoextensions of legs and trunk as we would in a chair or bench.
  • Flutter kicks : this exercise also called leg flapping, usually performed on the ground , but we can execute it with the lower back resting on the bosu and contract the abdomen to raise slightly trunk and legs and mobilize both legs in order to perform the flutter.
  • Alternate crossing of legs : as in the previous movement we can position the lower back on the bosu and slightly raise legs and trunk to cross one leg under the other alternately, as shown above .
  • Mountain climber : these are the classic climbers that we can perform by resting our hands on the inverted bosu and alternately carrying, with a jump, the knees to the chest to work obliquely while burning calories.

If you want diversity in the routine, these seven exercises with bosu can be of great help to achieve it and progress with your work.


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