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The oils in the fritters, what changes do they suffer

It is always advisable to use the vegetable oils in their raw form without cooking and this is because the oils in the frying or during the heating may undergo some changes as shown below.

The heat of frying

A well-done fry is one in which the oil used reaches a temperature of 180°C and whose duration is less than one hour. However, the heating of oils can cause changes in the fatty acids that make up.

If the temperature of 180°C is respected, it has been proven that the oils do not undergo major modifications in their structure. However, if we reuse the oil or exceed the frying temperature, the changes may be higher.

The oils in the fritters, what changes do they sufferFor example, the effect of heating and reheating has been studied for short and long periods of time and it is known that in all cases the fatty acids of the oils are modified and that at a higher temperature and a longer duration of the frying, as well as The higher the number of overheats, the higher the trans fat generation.

The type of oil

In the last study cited, 6 types of fats were evaluated : olive oil, rapeseed, peanut, soybean, butter and a partially hydragenated oil and different heating effects were observed.

Specifically, although at higher temperature and longer cooking periods unsaturated fatty acids decreased and trans fats increased, olive oil better withstand high temperatures and withstands the formation of trans fats until the second reheating.

The rest of the fats the formation of trans fats is faster and especially high from the third or fourth reheating.

Therefore, it is important not to reuse the oil for frying and since different types of fats can undergo different changes when they are cooked, it is also not advisable to mix oils when cooking.

To achieve a healthy fry nothing better than to use clean oil and to take care of the temperature that reaches the same one.


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