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The equipment for runners who want to overcome the challenge of the 5 kilometers

Fitness, food, training … everything is important when making any kind of sporting activity. The race is one of those activities that need to prepare thoroughly for it to develop to perfection. For this reason in this post we highlight as important as the above aspect, it is the right equipment for the corridor. A review of the main features of each equipment will be needed and significant help.

First of all, we must say it is very important to differentiate between the performance of the activity indoors and outdoors. If we chose the outside, we will separate the equipment for seasons. This is true, because we need to adapt to climate needs. The same we do with the land that we choose to run, and it will depend very important to the gear, footwear. To do this we will get down to work and thus guide all who are participating in this challenge of five kilometers.

The equipment for runners who want to overcome the challenge of the 5 kilometersAppropriate clothing for people who practice career indoors

Many people start practicing race indoors because the weather conditions are more favorable. For these people the kit is important, but will be oriented basically comfort during exercise performance. Never be so directed his choice to the time it does or not, because in the sports centers the temperature is usually quite regular.First , it is important to choose the size and the garment that best suits our needs.

To run indoors should pay special attention to footwear . Above all we need to know the type of footprint we have. The test tread it can make us a podiatrist or at many sporting goods stores will guide us about it. The footwear will in one way or another depending on the tread. What we must have in common it is that they are fitted with a sturdy sole that is capable of absorbing some of the impact that occurs when putting the foot down. To do this find in the market gel soles, rubber, flexible rubber …

After choosing the right shoes we must consider pants or tights . We can opt for shorts or pants. The truth that the best choice is to make us feel better. The same applies to the shirts because they can be stretched, with short or long sleeves.What all should have in common it is that they are made of technical fabric. To be clear, we must find the clothes that allow proper ventilation, preventing sweat from building up and the garment stays moist. In the market we have plenty of alternatives that will run inside us perfectly.

Appropriate clothing for running outdoors

In case opt for jogging a street, it is important to note that the equipment will be greatly influenced by the weather conditions. When it ‘s hot equipment will be similar to that used in interior. It will with shorts or tights and a tight T – shirt. All able to be technical fabric that allows us to avoid the accumulation of sweat. When jogging with sun must protect our skin with high factor sunscreen and head we will place a cap that insulates us from the sun.

The problem is when left to run on cold or rainy days. Clothing for these times may be similar, only it is advisable to use tights and long – sleeved sweatshirt. The body moves and therefore will increase body heat. This will not happen the same way with all parts of the body. Head, neck and joints will not be heated in the same way. To prevent cold hurt us is recommended to use heaters in joints, a panty or neck scarf, gloves on his hands and a cap on his head. Rainy days with wearing waterproof clothing on the sport will be more than enough.

Proper footwear depending on the terrain on which we run

If it is ground, it is important to choose good shoes, because it is not the same tartan running track, sand, asphalt, on grass or treadmills. If we go for the asphalt, the shoes should absorb the impact much better, because it is higher. In the case of earth and grass, the impact is less, but still must absorb footwear. In the case of tartan or the treadmill, in many cases, if not control, the impact itself generate a rebound that can hurt knee and hips. To avoid this it is advisable to choose shoes that absorb shock, but they are not as flexible in the sole to avoid bouncing upon impact with the ground.

Heart Rate Monitor as an important part of the equipment

But the equipment not only has to do with clothes. If we measure our constant while practicing career and improve brands and control them at all times, we must opt for other allies.

Heart rate monitors are a type of devices responsible for measuring the pulse while running. It is a widely used and can be of different types tool. We can find simple, ie only measure pulsations, or more complex, ie also measure time, distance, calories burned …

Mobile applications for runners

A variation of heart rate monitors are modern applications for runners. We can find many of them and mostly serve as a training diary. Their skills are measure speed, distance, time, calories … But pulsations not usually measure unless we use bracelets associated with the application that measure and synchronize. This alternative is one of the most successful, it will help us control our evolution and enhance brands.

A running belt, the best partner to carry everything you need

When we left to run often we need to take with us our documentation, a bottle of water, a banana … For this market we can find a belt running. There are plenty of models that will fit right into our body without impeding make a completely normal activity. It is true that there are different capacities, thickness, color, texture … We must choose the one that suits us and yes, that allows us to take it without noticing. You must be able to accommodate what we usually take to run, but must be necessary. There is no point choosing one too big and charge too much, since we will be making ourselves uncomfortable activity.


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