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The burning power of ursolic acid, a compound present in the skin of fruits

If you are one of those who pours fruit before eating it, today we give you a tip: do not do it anymore. It has been demonstrated the fat burning power ursolic acid, a compound present in the fruit skin.

A natural compound found in many plant species, including the skin of various fruits, has been the subject of several scientific studies demonstrating its benefits go beyond what we thought.

We speak of a compound present mainly in the family of Labiatae, plants that have already been used previously for its medicinal effects, but is also present in the skin of certain fruits such as apples, pears, blueberries and plums.

The burning power of ursolic acid, a compound present in the skin of fruitsResults of the study

Christopher Adams, a scientist at the University of Iowa (USA), has been in charge of carrying out the research that has yielded the results we have today. Multitude of benefits among which its power burning fat and ability to build muscle and increase brown fat.

The study has been analyzed with an isolated group of mice following a high fat diet and taking ursolic acid. The results were more than surprising. 

An increase in skeletal muscle and a transformation of white fat into brown fat. Besides this, it was demonstrated that ursolic acid was commissioned to significantly increase the strength and endurance of rodents that were given to them.

Other benefits found

Besides muscular capacity appears to be present in this compound, the research results showed that the supply of ursolic acid was directly related to the growth hormone (IGF-1) and insulin production, causing the rodents that They consumed more calories than the rest doing the same activity.

A compound capable of protecting muscle atrophy by increasing and skeletal muscle hypertrophy and its ability to increase strength and endurance.

Past, present and future of ursolic acid

It is a compound that has already been used previously in the world of cosmetics. Research and ursolic acid showed that together with its isomer, oleanolic acid, were able to inhibit the growth of tumors in the skin induced by TPA in rodents. 

This hallmark discovery along with its anti-aging effect, reinforcing the dermal collagen and favoring their synthesis, made ursolic acid was a known compound and used in the world of cosmetics much more earlier.

Nowadays, investigations (Characterization of ursolic acid as a lipoxygenase and cyclooxygenase inhibitor using macrophages, platelets and differentiated HL60 leukemic cells, FEBS 1992; 299 (3): 213-7) continue to be carried out that would support other medicinal benefits attributed to this compound, as its action anti -inflammatory or antimicrobial .

Following the results confirming the stimulating power of muscle growth and conversion to brown fat, today there are many companies in the world of supplementation that seem interested in this new ingredient for their products. 
Are we witnessing the future composite star supplementation?


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