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Some points to keep in mind when motivation does not accompany us

On many occasions we have wondered why we do not advance in training and what is what we are doing wrong to make it happen. One of the main reasons is the lack of motivation, often without knowing it happens to us. Therefore this time we want to stop at this point and see some reasons why that motivation does not play on our side.

Custom as an enemy

The custom is one of the key when it comes to getting better results in training and especially when we want to continue advancing enemies. Always perform the same routines, with the same exercises, times, intensities … It is something that ends the motivation of anyone. So at this point what we recommend is to vary the routines, having at our disposal infinite of alternatives is essential. Especially the ideal is to put them into practice, not just to know them. Varying the routines, repetitions and intensities will help us stay more motivated with new goals and the muscles will be better worked.

Some points to keep in mind when motivation does not accompany usThe importance of having the gym nearby

The proximity and ease of attending training is another point to consider as far as motivation is concerned. It is essential that the gym that we point to is near or home or work. This way we will not have to go to train. Above all we must keep in mind that when the weather is bad or when we are tired, the distance we have to the gym is a very strong conditioner. Therefore, it is much more advisable to choose a nearby training center as long as it lends us the comforts we need for the type of work we do.

Food is fundamental

Another factor that determines the motivation is food. Many times we are low in form and energy. This is due largely to not eat the right way, much less By focusing on training. We must keep in mind that food is essential when it comes to performance in training and therefore we must pay attention. Going to train with energy will not only help us to have more motivation, but we will get better results due to a correct response by our body.

Do not rest well can you bill

Lack of rest makes the motivation is conspicuous by its absence. Rest is fundamental and has a lot to do with our state of mind. If we get up rested and strong we will make our body respond better. Seeing us well we will be more motivated and want to go to train and more, give everything in the training session. If we have not rested well we will find bad and above all low in shape and desire to train.

Impossible goals kill motivation

Set ourselves some realistic goals is something that will help us be fully motivated in training. Unrealistic goals that ask too much of us what they will do will frustrate us because we will not achieve what we originally proposed. This is one of the most demotivating situations that exist and is one of the main causes for us to stop training. That is why it is necessary to be realistic and never set too high goals. Especially when we are starting and do not know well our possibilities or how far we can reach, we are not in the best conditions to set goals.

It is essential to have these points present to get a better motivation to the now to train and not simply leave in an attempt our adventure with the sport. Of course, the best motivation is to make the activity that we like and suits us. Letting go of passing fads or what the majority does is the best we can do to get what we are looking for.

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