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So does a physiotherapist in the treatment of cancer

There are many types of cancer and, unfortunately, affects a large part of the population, both men, women, adults, children … Luckily we have early detection and treatment measures, which makes it, in many cases, a chronic disease.

We are aware of how treatments can help treat cancer, but we will focus on how physiotherapy and adapted physical activity can help cancer patients at any stage of treatment:

From the field of prevention

Cancer occurs by a combination of factors involving genetics, habits (diet, active or sedentary lifestyle, toxic habits …) and the environment (pollution, working environment …).

So does a physiotherapist in the treatment of cancerThere will be elements on which there is little or no scope (genetic inheritance, or contamination of the place where one lives), but from prevention measures can be taken to reduce the risk of cancer .

The physiotherapists working realizing promotion of healthy habits , so one of the tasks is to detect those toxic or sedentary habits and provide guidelines and advice to overcome them , both individually (their patients, immediate environment …) and public (talks Of diffusion). This can give active life advice and refer people to professionals who can help them improve those habits to make them more effective to improve their quality of life.

Remember that toxic habits such as smoking, alcoholism or poor diet are directly related to the appearance of certain types of cancer.

In addition, we know that sedentarism is also negative. People who exercise are 40-50% less likely to have colon cancer. In the case of women, those who do not exercise have a 71% of breast cancer .

Therefore, active living and practicing exercise are not just healthy tips . The exercise performed on a regular basis is a powerful treatment that acts preventively against various types of cancer, since there are others besides those mentioned.

Physiotherapeutic treatment in oncological processes

  • In the treatment phase (with chemo or radiotherapy), the physiotherapist can perform a program of physical exercise adapted to the conditions of the person. The purpose of exercise in such a delicate time is because it helps to treat problems such as fatigue induced by cancer (Present in 90% of cancer sufferers) and also in associated cognitive problems in the chemotherapy phase , in which exercise is also useful.
  • In breast cancer, if surgery is performed, physiotherapy performed early is effective in preventing the onset of lymphedema, a frequent occurrence. If lymphedema develops, the tendency to disappear is very low, which is why early physiotherapy is necessary to ensure the best results. Lymphedema may still appear, but it will be milder than if no treatment is done. Strength exercises are sefuros and suitable for this type of patients. They help reduce pain and improve mobility.
  • Manual therapy and pain management techniques are useful for providing well-being and enhancing the capabilities of these people.
  • The respiratory therapy also helps improve the ability to make effort to cancer patients. Both to treat weakness and fatigue, and to aid in recovery in case of surgery, which can affect the respiratory capacity (by the operation itself, by the time of bonding, etc.).
  • There is no categorical contraindication to physical therapy or exercise if you have a cancer and are being treated, or if you have already been treated. The contraindications will be relative, depending on the case and the circumstance. There is always the possibility of adapting the techniques and exercises to be appropriate for each patient so that they are beneficial in their fight against cancer.

In the case of cancer, multiple professionals from different fields can treat the same subject. The coordinated work of the professionals will help make the treatment more effective.

The physiotherapy is a useful tool in the different stages of the disease, so they must know their potential and take into account the benefits.


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